October 11, 2010

Sunday Evening with Neuheisel - Part I

It was a longer than usual teleconference with UCLA head coach, Rick Neuheisel Sunday Evening so we will divide into three parts. Part one Neuheisel will talk about two specific areas of needed improvement and there are questions regarding the quarterback situation.

Neuheisel: "There two things we have to improve on. There is more than two things to improve upon, but the passing game has to go a long way, really in the pass protection. It was subpar yesterday. Kevin Prince didn't have enough time to get his feet set. While I know everybody points to the quarterback for when the pass game goes awry, but you can't put it all on him. There wasn't enough time and we have to do a great job of shoring that up.

"The other thing is stopping the run. Our defense was not good enough in coming off the ball and doing the right things at the point of attack to create an opportunity for our linebackers and our secondary to get to places where we could keep the run game contained. Not good enough."

What do you think about rotating so many guys in on the defensive front?

Neuheisel: "I know what we are trying to do. We're trying to raise a bunch of young guys. There's a couple of really bright spots when you see the plays and can pull them out as kind of a highlight reel.

"The unfortunate thing is it's hard to get the feel of it, but I don't given the inexperience at the position if we can afford to just leave one guy out there. So we're going to have to continue to find combinations of people that can get out there and stop the run."

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