March 31, 2011

Thursday Practice: Franklin looking for more depth


"I know I keep saying this, but it's still probably too early to tell. I've been pleased with what we're doing. The thing that I've probably noticed more than anything is that we have some good players, we just don't have great depth and that's where we have to do a better job in recruiting and develop more of the players we have here. That's probably the thing that's stood out the most."

"I think what we did today was a little bit different. We did some more of what I call teach tempos, kind of like a pro practice. We've got some depth issues, we've got a couple of guys banged up and what I want to make sure is that we have an opportunity learn, get better and be able to scrimmage well on Saturday. Although I'm a young guy, I feel like I have an old school mentality, so I have a hard time coming out here and not going full speed and fly around, but at the same time, I do think you can get some learning done if the guys understand how to practice and store the same body language, same fundamentals, all the same things during teach tempo."

on the huddle

"I think the biggest thing on offense, defense and special teams is to be aggressive and multiple. So I'm a believer if you lineup no huddle all the time, people get used to that tempo, so you want to go no huddle, regular huddle, get to line and look to the sidelines to change the tempo, check with me at the line of scrimmage. You want to be as multiple as you can and that means personnel, means tempos and everything. We're going to do the same things on defense, multiple fronts, multiple pressures, same thing with special teams. We just want to be as multiple and aggressive as we possibly can."

on Larry

"I just think whenever you have a guy that has played in the games and had some success, it gives you something to build on. The other thing I've been pleased with is that he's got a lot of tools. He's a big strong kid, he's smart, got a real strong arm, got good athleticism. You'd recruit that kid every single year. Now I'm real excited because we have an opportunity as a coaching staff to develop him and that's why they brought us here."

scrimmage on Saturday

"I want to continue to compete. I thought we did that last Saturday, I think we've done that all spring long. When we go into that stadium, it should be something special, so I want to see them compete, get after each other. What we have to do is start to eliminate the missed assignments, the mental errors, the fumbled snaps, the dropped passes, the dropped interceptions. When we've have a chance to make a play, we've got to make it. We've got to eliminate all the things that we can control."


"It's a combination of things. We're trying to find a way to get our best guys on the field and the other thing is we have some depth issues. We've got some guys banged up, we only had three defensive ends at practice today, so we're looking around the depth chart and looking at say the guy that's further down the depth chart at linebacker and say that maybe he can help us. He's got some quickness, he's fairly sudden and he can give us maybe an undersized guy off the edge. I think when I got here, he was 247, so it's not like he can't be 260 if that was his mentality. So we're just trying to find the best way get these guys in the position to help us and find the best way to increase our speed."


"I think Archie's done some good things, I think Tristan's done some good things. I've been impressed with the group. The other thing we've got to look at is our personnel groups. If we need to be in dime or nickel more to get more speed on the field. It doesn't make sense if your fifth and sixth DB's are better than your second, third or fourth linebacker, lets get our best guys on the field and put them in position to be successful. I think that will also allow us to be faster, so I'm all just for finding the best guys and getting them on the field. Same thing with the offense. People say, what is your offensive philosophy. If my offensive philosophy was get up and just maul people with two backs but then I show up here and we have five wideouts that are better than anybody on the field, what am I not going to play them, just because it's not my philosophy? I don't believe in that, doesn't make any sense to me."

"Speed's important at every position. I think we spend too much time talking about specific positions but our goal is to be the fastest team in the SEC. That's from the offensive line to the quarterbacks to the defensive backs, we want to be fast at every position. Obviously, people focus on the receivers because they see it more, or the DB's, but we want to be fast at every position. If I have to choose between size and speed, I'm going to take speed every time."

Coach Pry

"We're coming along, I think guys are starting to understand our system and get more confidence. There's not a lot of experience behind Marve, but I think that's an opportunity, a good situation actually. You've got two spots and a new staff, so guys can compete and that helps them be more aggressive in learning. We're trying to get three to six guys, we're trying to get more depth and the guys know that, they know where we're at right now. We're trying to get more speed and more confidence. I think right now there's three guys, Chase Garnham, Tristan Strong and Archie Barnes that are making strong cases to go along with Marve. We're just trying to learn the system and get faster and get better as time goes on, I'm confident they can do that."


"No question he's great to have. It's good to have someone proven and talented as he is and even with him, I've communicated about some things and he's taking to it. He's a great member of the unit, he is the leader of the unit, those guys look to him from a work ethic stand point and from a maturity stand point. The guy is a triple major, he's just a great guy to have in your room honestly, whether he was a starter in the SEC kind of guy or not, he's just a great guy to have in the room, an older, mature guy."


"I think a big part of our job is to identify personnel moves that are best for our unit, for our defense. Recognize a kids abilities, recognize his liabilities and where does he fit best. Lets get the full potential out of him at the right spot. It's like Dexter Daniels. We moved him down to defensive end and in two days he's really sparked our interest. Some of the things that looked so poor at linebacker, you don't see anymore because we're not asking him to do that. Some of the better things that he did at linebacker, he gets to do more of. So moves like that are going to be important for us."


"I think we've got a couple of things going on. We are inexperienced outside of Chris and we are trying to find enough speed at the position, that's still a concern. The guys understand where it's at right now though and they're competing like crazy. I plan on, and Coach Franklin plans on, it being competitive enough when it's really on the line out there and these guys are a little bit battle tested, you know. As we've talked about with No.13, we've got to lean on him for that. That's the times when that leadership really shows, in those balls games where there's tight moments and adversity really hits, that's when those guys step up.

"And at the same time, just a strong commitment and dedication from them guys, fighting for positions, when the tough times hit and you're in the battle, they'll stick by you and stick with each other. You've built that sense of union and that take you through a lot, through those inexperienced times, that will keep you strong and going in the right direction."

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