September 6, 2011

Rambo back to work

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It was an apologetic Bacarri Rambo/db] who addressed the press for the first time this season Tuesday, sorry for what he called a "selfish mistake" that resulted in his suspension from last Saturday's opener against Boise State.

"I broke a team rule. It was a selfish mistake and I will not allow it to happen anymore.

I learned from the mistake and that was the big thing," he said. "It was a big mistake that I did. It didn't just affect me, it affected the team. I'll try my best not to ever let it happen again."

Suspended for a "violation of team rules," Rambo declined to say specifically what his infraction was.

He also declined to say how long he knew about the suspension, deferring those such questions to head coach [db]Mark Richt.

"It messed up our teams goal by me sitting out that game. I'm not saying we would have won but I could have helped the team out as much as I could," Rambo said. "It was very tough. I'm not used to sitting on the sideline, especially when I know I'm supposed to be starting. I should have been out there, helping those guys, helping to communicate, helping to fly to the ball. It was very tough."

It's not certain if Rambo will start at free safety in Saturday's game against 12th-ranked South Carolina, where he's listed alongside Sanders Commings in Georgia's game-week notes.

If Rambo does start, Commings is expected to slide over to cornerback opposite Brandon Boykin.

"I'm hungry," Rambo said. "Whatever I can do to help the team, I'm going to do it."

Richt says O-line issues correctable

If there was any good news Georgia fans could take solace from, in regards to the play of the offensive line against Boise State, is that all the issues at least seem fixable.

"Everything is correctable. The thing that was most disappointing to me was the pass protection, especially third down," said Richt. "Protection belongs to the running back, protection belongs to the offensive line, protection belongs to the tight end at times, and it belongs to the quarterback, too. There are times when the quarterback can certainly get rid of the ball and not take the sack. Six sacks are way too many."

So what exactly will position coach Will Friend do to keep that from happening against South Carolina?

Richt claimed all the proper steps have already been made.

"We've already spent a lot of time making corrections of this last ballgame as far as pass protection is concerned. Also, you have a whole new set of blitzes and schemes and things of that nature, so a little bit different scheme, a little bit different blitz package," he said. "We'll have a little bit better idea of who is going to line up where and where they are going to bring their pressure from, but we can only go by what we saw last year and a little bit this last ballgame. We do need to improve, but we can."

The Bulldogs may or may not have the services of starting left guard Kenarious Gates, who injured his ankle (contusion) against Boise State and was replaced by Dallas Lee, who worked with the first team on Tuesday.

Murray laughs off ribs rumor

It started Sunday - Internet rumors suggesting that quarterback Aaron Murray had either broken or cracked ribs as a result of some hard hits against Boise State.

Not true.

"I have no idea where that came from," Murray said Tuesday. "My ribs are fine."

Murray did concede he was "awfully" sore on Sunday morning, but subsequent treatment left him feeling as good as new.

Samuel not going back to linebacker

The loss of Alec Ogletree won't signal another position switch for Richard Samuel, Richt confirmed.

That's not to say the thought never crossed his mind.

"There wasn't any discussion. I thought about it kind of just laying on the pillow at night, but by the time Richard got back and then trained up and was really ready to play Ogletree would probably be back ready to play," he said. "We've had 29 practices plus last week, so you've got over 30 practices with these other kids, and I don't know if it would have been wise for us to do that."

Junior Mike Gilliard, senior walk-on Jeremy Sulek and freshman Amarlo Herrera are competing to take over Ogletree's starting spot.

Offense needs to pick up the pace

Richt doesn't care how, but conceded Tuesday his Bulldog offense needs to start putting more points on the board.
He doesn't care how.

"I think you just have to do what you think you can do best on offense. You need to get first down and score points. That's the bottom line. How do you do it? I don't know if it's that important," he said. "As we all know, there are a lot of different styles of football out there and a lot of different ways of moving the ball and a lot of different ways of putting points on the board. I think the biggest thing is score some points."

When the offense struggles, it has an effect on the defense as well.

Take last year's game at South Carolina.

Because the Gamecocks didn't fear the Bulldogs' ability to score, once South Carolina got the lead, Steve Spurrier's squad didn't feel the need for fancy offensive plays because he knew his defense would keep Georgia off the board.

"A year ago, we really didn't pressure South Carolina to do anything out of what they were doing, which was running a zone. If you put in too many to stop the zone, they threw the little quick screen," Richt said. "They did a lot of that throughout the game and looked real comfortable doing it throughout the game, and we didn't force them to feel any pressure to do anything a little riskier, so to speak. It was because of the lack of offensive production, regardless of how we were trying to go about it. We've just got to get points on the board."

This and That

Richt said that he hopes to get freshman linebacker Ray Drew into the game this week. "We're going to rep him with hopes of that," Richt said. .. Richt said he expects nose Kwame Geathers to be able to play, after suffering a stinger late in the game against Boise State, although he did not practice Tuesday. … Richt said now that Branden Smith's foot is better, he'll start to play a larger role on offense. "Between Branden Smith and (Brandon) Boykin we do want to continue to use them on offense with Richard and Isaiah, and that's probably going to be the majority of the carries. Not to say that a third back won't get an opportunity, but those guys are not only competing for the number three tailback job but they are kind of competing against how many reps Boykin and Smith can take in a ballgame," he said. … Georgia worked out for two hours in full pads Tuesday afternoon. "We got better today," Richt said in a statement. "We improved. I liked the competition. After five events, both the offense and the defense had two wins and there was one tie. We had a one-play playoff between the Nos. 1 and the defense held the offense off by an inch or two." … Richt said that Ben Jones, Christian Robinson, Aron White and DeAngelo Tyson will serve as team captains for Saturday's game.

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