September 20, 2012

Speedy Noil's perspective on recruiting

2014 New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr quarterback/wide receiver Devante, otherwise known as Speedy, Noil is hearing from college recruiters nationwide. Along with Texas A&M, the 5-10, 185-pound Noil holds offers from the likes of Alabama, Florida, LSU, Miami (FL), Mississippi, Mississippi St., Notre Dame, Oregon, TCU and Texas. He is hearing from many more.

"Right now I am holding letters in my hand from Cal, Colorado State, Georgia, Tulane, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Michigan and Stanford. I just got all these letters within this past week. I never thought I would be hearing from schools like this."

With a remarkable speed as a young boy, it was clear Noil had the talent to be something great, and great he is. His talent was revealed at the age of four after Noil's cousin, Mike Wallace, introduced Noil to football. Wallace, the former Ole Miss and now Pittsburgh Steeler standout, knew a little something about being great and saw it in his cousin.

"The first time I came off the field, my little league coach said my nickname was going to be Speedy. It has stuck with me ever since,"Noil said.

Wallace and Noil worked together over the summer.

"I look up to my cousin. We worked out and talked a lot about football, recruiting and college. He told me to stay focused. He said a lot of letters will come my way but don't let it get to your head. He said don't just look at the football team but look at the education you will get. This summer he showed me drills to do to work on my skills at wide receiver."

Noil plays quarterback at Edna Karr and in 2011 led the Cougars to the class 4A Louisiana state championship game; Monroe's Neville Tigers defeated Edna Karr 27-6 in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Cougars finished the 2011 season 11-4 and enter the 2012 season having been the runners-up for two straight years, making it Edna Karr's fourth runner-up trophy since 1995.

Analysts had the chance to see what Speedy could do at wide receiver over summer. At the Underclassmen Challenge in DeSoto, Texas Noil was named one of the top receivers in attendance.

"Playing quarterback at Edna Karr gives me an extra edge when I play receiver. When I play receiver it's a lot easier for me to execute the plays that the quarterback may give me," Noil said.

Noil has been clocked running a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash. His speed, competitive nature and a never give up attitude are some of his most obvious attributes. In the 2011 state championship Noil battled through an injury and did not leave the field. But by the third quarter his limp was noticeable and in the second series of the second half Noil was injured again and was forced to go down. His strength and his message his clear; he is a competitor and loves his teammates.

"Noel (Noel Ellis, A&M commit) and I are good friends," Noil said, "And we have always wanted to play with each other past high school. He is committed to A&M and wants me to go with him to a game, meet the coaches and see how I feel to be there. He wants me to play with him at the next level."

At this point Noil is keeping an open mind about the recruiting process but there are a few things he is looking for in a college program.

"When I look at schools and start sorting through them all, location will not be a major factor. I will look at my position, wide receiver, and see who else the school is recruiting. I will look at the depth chart and the quality of receivers they have already there. If a coach tells me they want me and one other receiver then I know they really want me to get in there and make a difference. If a school is recruiting me and three or four other receivers from the class of 2014 then I know they don't have intentions to use me early. I look for a spread team; I play quarterback at my school and wide receiver, but at the next level I am being recruited as a wide receiver. I would like an offense that gets the ball to their wide receivers, but I will block if I need to and do what it takes to win as a team."

Noil said he has heard about all the new things going on in College Station; the new conference, coaches and the offense they bring to the SEC.

"I was supposed to go with Noel for the A&M verses Florida game but because of a ride situation I was not able to go. I would like to go and visit. The A&M coaches said that they need 2014 receivers."

This week Karr goes up against Salmen. Both schools are highly ranked in Louisiana high school football.

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