August 13, 2009

Practice Notebook: Aggies improve on day four

Thursday marked the last day before Texas A&M can practice in full pads, but head coach Mike Sherman was much more pleased after the Thursday morning session than he was Wednesday after A&M's first day in shells. The increased effort and intensity led to the team not running gassers at the end of practice for the first time in the first four practices of August camp.

"We took a step forward today so I was pleased," Sherman said. "It was a combination of things. I just kind of have a feel right or wrong during practice that we are moving at the speed I think we should than we really don't need extra conditioning. I think we're in very good shape because of out offseason conditioning and in the spring since we ran every day in the spring, and then the summer running in this heat I think these guys are in pretty good shape. So I don't think we need to if we have a pretty good practice."

Thursday also marked the first day that the Aggie drill was thrown into fall camp. A staple of practices last fall and this past spring, expect to see the Aggie drill open up each day of practice from here on out in August.

In the place of gassers, the Aggies met at midfield at the end of practice and the offense and the defense ran different players against each other in the Aggie drill.

"It's the Aggie Drill on the board and just the offense against the defense," Sherman said. "We had a good couple of shots, and it was just good enthusiasm."

The entire practice, however, should be marked with the constant movement of players up and down with first and second units. Freshmen started finding their way into the second, and eventually the first units at wide receiver while sophomore quarterback Ryan Tannehill made his first move with the first team.

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