September 5, 2009

Barkley shines in first start

After USC defeated San Jose State 56-3 Saturday at the Coliseum, Pete Carroll sat in the media room, answering question after question about Matt Barkley.

'Did he need this game before Ohio State?' 'Were you surprised he played like he did?'

Finally, Carroll had enough.

"He's fine. He doesn't even need any of that. He doesn't need you guys to write well about him. He doesn't need you to cheerlead for him. He's fine. Really, it's because he knows - he knows who he is," Carroll said. "He knows what he's all about. He's got great belief in his ability. He has to have all those things going for him or else this wouldn't have happened. That's how rare this is.

"He's OK. Matt's OK. He's all right. I know you're looking for all these typical things. This is not a typical kid. He's atypical. … He's not normal."

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