September 15, 2009

Practice Insider: Corp shines, Barkley sits

Back when Aaron Corp chipped a bone in his left leg, he was forced to the sidelines and forced to watch Matt Barkley take the first-team reps.

It was hard.

"You feel left out," Corp said.

Tuesday, it was Corp's turn to play while Barkley had to watch, and it's still unclear whether the reversal of fortune would continue up to or through Saturday's game for No. 3 USC at Washington.

Corp looked comfortable and, for the most part, sharp in his return to the No. 1 role for a full practice Tuesday, completing a number of intermediate routes and even a few deep balls. He also took off and ran with confidence when the situation dictated.

"I definitely feel like the starter when I'm in there taking first-team reps, at least pretending to be," Corp said. "If I can keep playing well and give our team a chance to get better, that's all I can do."

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