October 27, 2009

CMU wideouts Anderson, Brown and Poblah interview

During the last few years, Central Michigan has built as talented of a wide receiver corps as there is in the country. The group is headlined by a trip consisting of senior Bryan Anderson (6-foot-5, 215 pounds), junior Antonio Brown (5-foot-10, 180 pounds) and junior Kito Poblah (6-foot-2, 208 pounds), all of whom bring something unique to the CMU passing game.

All three have plenty of talent and could very well be playing on Sundays, but it's their togetherness on the field that enables them to be so successful as Chippewas.

"I think we really help each other with our route running," said Bryan Anderson. "People always look at who gets the catches, but our route running will help another guy get open, creates better mismatches and can be just as important."

"Yeah, and our blocking too," added Kito Poblah. "A lot of times we run these bubble screens and short passes where we need to make a good block or your teammate can get his head taken off".

As the beneficiary of many of those bubble screens and short passes, Antonio Brown also realizes the importance of his fellow wide receivers.

"I totally agree with them, and like they said, a lot of people don't pay attention to the stuff that happens around the catch, but that's the stuff that usually allows the catch to happen."

Anderson, Brown and Poblah were then thrown in to a bit of a rapid fire question and answer segment.

ChippewaCountry: Who has the best hands among you three?

Anderson: Oh man (smiling), that's a tough one to answer. We all have good hands though.
Poblah: I'd have to go with myself on that one.
Brown: (Heckling Poblah) I mean, I'd say we all have pretty good hands.
Poblah: Yeah, I agree. That's one thing we are all pretty proud of, you don't see a lot of drop passes from us.

ChippewaCountry: Who's the best trash talker?

Anderson: I don't even talk trash, so it's got to be one of these two (laughing)
Poblah: I mean, it's either me or Antonio, I talk my fair share of trash out there and let them know when they get beat.
Brown: I do some trash talking out there, but yeah, it's definitely between me and Kito.

ChippewaCountry:: Toughest corner you have faced?

Anderson: I'd have to say Aqib Talib from Kansas.
Poblah: Yeah, I'll go with Talib as well.
Brown: Man…I haven't faced a tough corner yet (Poblah and Anderson burst out laughing).

ChippewaCountry:Toughest corner you've faced at CMU?

Anderson: Man, it really depends on what kind of route you're running and such. Josh Gordy and Kirkston Edwards both really have there own strengths and such.
Poblah: I'd say Gordy.
Brown: Like I said, I haven't faced a tough corner (smiling).

ChippewaCountry: Who is the best blocker?

Anderson: I'd have to say Kito.
Poblah: Yeah, that's my thing man, I like to block and be physical with people.
Brown: Yeah, Kito's the big blocker.
Anderson: Kito will get right after people, start cutting them and stuff, that's his forte.

ChippewaCountry: Younger wide receiver on the team that has impressed you?

Anderson: I'd have to say Cody Wilson. He's a starter now and he's been making some plays for us.
Poblah: I agree on Wilson, and two guys that a lot of people haven't noticed but will in the future are Jerry Harris and Cedric Fraser.
Brown: Wilson for me too, he's pretty shifty out there and has good hands.

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