November 17, 2009

Oklahoma Was All About Relationships for Stills

Anyone who has spent even a few minutes talking to four-star wide receiver Kenny Stills of Carlsbad (Calif.) La Costa Canyon realizes he will never be confused for shy. As such it should come as no surprise that the 6-foot-2, 175-pound pass-catcher had plenty to say about his official visit to Oklahoma for last weekend's victory over Texas A&M.

It's even less surprising that it was the relationships he built over the weekend that stood out to him more than any of Oklahoma's impressive facilities.

"It went good, it was real good, I had an amazing time out there. It was a lot more than I expected it to be and I felt extremely welcomed out there. Coach (David) White picked me up and from the get-go they were real serious about me being out there. They were appreciative of me being out there," Stills explained.

"I'm more of a personable type of guy and I like how well we were all communicating more than the oohs and ahhs of the facilities and that type of stuff. It's great that they have amazing facilities and things like that but I'm more of a personal type I want to see what they are going to say to me."

It was any number of people he spent time with through the weekend that made a mark on him but it's clear that his time around the coaching staff, and Jay Norvell in particular, was the highlight of his 48-hours in Norman.

"You know we spent some time watching the game film, but my dad played ball and I've been around the game for a long time so I know what I'm looking for, I know what the scouts are looking for and I know what needs to see done," Stills recalled. "I guess I was critiquing the guys a little I guess.

"We were sitting there watching the film and I asked coach Norvell 'what's the deal I've seen short and quick passes?'

"I'm a guy that's good with routes, I'll hit you with a double move. I was asking if we're going to be spreading the ball down the field. I mean I can make myself work into the offense and I will but if you look at my highlights I'm a vertical guy.

"He kind of told me if we had the guys to do it we would be doing it more. He showed me some examples and he showed me this and that. It went really well."

As his visit wore down Norvell and Stills simply hung out as two normal football-loving guys.

"We got to sit down and have some lunch and watch some NFL games, I was the last one there of the visits. It was just us talking and he wanted to know what the situation was with me," he said.

Another aspect that left a lasting impression on Stills was his Sooner host, Ryan Broyles. The two players share several key characteristics and as the weekend wore on Stills saw more and more why Broyles was chosen as his host.

"It was real cool, that was probably my favorite part besides the fact of the coaches but Ryan being as cool as he is and basically we're pretty much alike when it comes to personality that was real big for us to hit it off like that.," he said. "I was real excited about that. It definitely felt like he was a guy I would love to work with out there.

"I know they have some great guys there now but with my work ethic I feel like I could help and that is real exciting, and he is just killing it right now."

The time spent with Norvell and Bob Stoops was fairly low-key but Stills says they were honest with him about where things stood with their scholarship numbers. In return Stills says he was straight forward about where he was in his decision making process.

"Everything was just real. I think a lot of guys get forced and pushed into a situation and I wanted to make sure that it was clear I was going to take my time," he said. "I told them I want to make sure that they know what is really going on in my head."

When asked what was the one thing that stood out to him about the visit

"They work a lot harder than a lot of other programs do and that really has me excited. I'm a weight room guy, it may not show up but there isn't much I can do about my frame and when I put on weight."

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