November 21, 2009

Reggie Carter time to take a bow

UCLA senior linebacker Reggie Carter is another of the seniors, who will be playing their last game at the Rose Bowl today as a Bruin. Carter was voted one of the team captains by his teammates, not only because of his leadership, but because of his play. He gained much respect by the media for his never quit attitude, especially in the blowout to BYU, he never quit and played until the final whistle as if it were a close game.

No wonder that Carter became such a media and fan favorite during his time at UCLA. caught up Carter to get his thoughts on his final appearance as a Bruin in the Rose Bowl. Reggie when you go out on the field on Saturday, it's going to be the last time you as a UCLA Bruin. What are your thoughts?

Carter: "Damn, I'll probably be crying. It's the last one and you want to go out with a bang, but it is crazy how fast it has been. This is my fifth year and I have been playing and starting for four, but it really doesn't feel like it has been this long.

"They play with you, the young guys and call you old or something like that and I tell them I feel like I just got here yesterday, just like you did, because I am still learning things. I know a lot more than I did, but there is a lot more I could know.

"I'm going to go out there and try and have, go out with a bang and of course a victory." What do think you are going to be thinking when you run out onto the field once you come out of the tunnel?

Carter: "Carter: "This is the last chance in front of the fans. Let's give them a good show. Give them something to remember me by. That's what I am hoping to do." Do you remember your first game as a Bruin?

Carter: "Yeah it was against Utah, my redshirt freshman year. I remember my first tackle and everything. It was like the second or third play of the game. A receiver ran like a drag route and that was exciting, but it is like now, I'm so much more confident because I know so much more." What is your favorite memory as a Bruin?

Carter: "The USC game my freshman year when we beat them 13-9. That's probably a real big game because of how happy we were and just how happy we were as a team, but the fans, they were so excited. It's great to bring happiness to people like that and just be able to have fun with them." How has your time at UCLA been for you?

Carter: "Good, I mean even going through the coaching changes and things like that, I'll never have anything bad to say about anybody at UCLA. They always treated me well with respect and I have treated them with the same way and as far as I know the fans love me and the people at UCLA love me so I've had fun and I have enjoyed my time at UCLA and I'm going to miss it."

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