February 7, 2010

LB coach Kyle Nystrom talks about recruiting and transition to CMU

When Dan Enos was announced as the new head coach at Central Michigan, one of the first coaches he contacted about a possible assistant position was Kyle Nystrom. Nystrom and Enos have numerous ties, from both being graduates of Michigan State to coaching stops at Western and Northern Michigan. He comes to CMU by way of his most recent stop, as the defensive coordinator at Fort Hays State, and he will fill several roles for the Chippewas. In addition to being named the linebackers coach, Nystrom will also handle special teams and serve as the assistant head coach.

Being one of the first coaches hired, Nystrom was put into the recruiting process real quick and he elaborated on how hard it was to start recruiting with signing day just a few weeks off.

"You mean two weeks before signing day," laughed Nystrom. "It wasn't that bad. They had a pretty good number committed and first and foremost our goal was to keep those guys committed and keep them happy. We wanted to make them feel comfortable with the transition, so we did that, and at the same time we picked up some guys that we had to go after and fill the positions we needed. So it was go here, go there, go everywhere you know, and unlike typically recruiting where you have a certain area, we were just scattering and going to the guys that we could get to who we knew could help us. So, it was a lot of fun, and you only get to do that part of recruiting whenever you get on a new staff, and that only comes along once in awhile."

Central Michigan brings in a pair of talented linebackers in the 2010 class, both of whom are rated by Rivals.com and the Detroit Free Press as two of CMU's top recruits. Npres Fradi from Dearborn (MI) and Michael Kinville from Detroit Catholic Central both bring plenty of talent to the Chippewas and Nystrom was asked to share his thoughts on them.

"Michael, I like the fact that he's a good sized guy at 6-foot-3, and the only reason he's down to 215 pounds right now is for wrestling, which your talking about a guy who only has two losses and he's up to 27, 28 wins or so. So what you get with him, is he's a striker, he's tough, he's got good balance and good agility, he plays with leverage for a tall guy, and he can run to the boundary, he showed us that on film. And he's solid academically, he comes from a good program, so he really brings a lot to the table."

Unlike Kinville, who committed to CMU late in the process, Fradi committed to CMU way back in the summer and stayed despite the coaching change.

"Nores, love him. Dearborn High School, 6-footer, 210 pounds and plays really hard. I mean I think he does everything that way, that's just the way he lives his life and goes about his business. He's a high energy guy, always on the go. Great, great personality, easy to talk to, and I like guys that are easy to talk to, I don't like dealing with recruits that just sit there and look at you and can't hold a conversation. I mean, this kid comes out of his skin to talk to you, and he plays that way to. He runs well, very aggressive, and I look for him to help on special team early. I mean he plays so hard, we're just going to have to teach him to play within the game, because he'll break himself up."

In addition to the 2010 group of linebackers coming in, Nystrom has also had the chance to start getting acquainted with CMU's current group of backers, whom many feel will be the strength of the defense next season.

"Veteran group, you know we had a nice running session the other day, our fourth quarter program just started. So got a chance to spend time with them on that. Now, we got a lot of work to do, they got a lot to learn and we got a lot to teach. Anytime you have change, it's always that way, they've been solid here and it's been a good program, but there are more than one way to skin a cat. We do things this way and the previous staff did things that way, but nobody's right and nobody's wrong, but their learning what we do. But they are fantastic kids and it's going to be a process. I knew Nick Bellore from my time at North Dakota State, and I recruited him but he ended up coming to CMU. I liked him a lot in high school, just couldn't get to him, you know I couldn't trump CMU. And now that I've met Matt and some of the other linebackers, some of the young guys, we got a lot of work to do, but that's what it's all about."

With his coaching experience and active personality, Nystrom figures to be one of CMU's top young assistant coaches and a key figure in continuing the strong linebacker play for the Chippewas.

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