March 11, 2010

Huge OT talks Tide

"I went to Georgia and Ole Miss a couple of weeks ago and last weekend I was at Alabama. It was a really great visit. I had a chance to meet with the coaches and see the facilities and the campus and we also went to the Alabama vs. Auburn basketball game too. It was a good time all around."

"Just after halftime, Coach Saban and my mom and I met in his office. We talked about what Alabama has to offer and how he sees me fitting into their program. Alabama is definitely near the top for me as far as everything they have to offer from coaching to academics to facilities."

"I grew up a Georgia fan. My dad played there so I was really a huge fan my whole life. But when recruiting started up I stopped being a fan of any school or any conference and decided I really need to keep everything even and make my decision based on what's best for me, not on my childhood dreams. I'm working with a clean slate now."

"Mark Ingram is good but a huge part of his success is that he had a great line in front of him. Alabama's got a history of putting linemen in the league and coaching them up into great players that make the most of their potential."

"My top five are Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Tennessee and Vanderbilt but I'm still wide open. That's just the list today."

"In April I'm going to visit Clemson, Wake Forest, Duke and North Carolina over my spring break and I'm going to try to get to Auburn and Alabama for their spring games. I want to make my decision on November 16, which is my birthday. I'm pretty sure I will be able to make a decision by then."

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