March 24, 2010

Five Questions: Rashod Favors

With the talk of leadership always being an interesting topic in each and every recruiting class it's often the players least expected who end up becoming the 'leader of the pack'. One player in Oklahoma's class of 2010 who seems to continuously find others drawn to him is Fort Worth Dunbar linebacker Rashod Favors. The 6-foot-1, 215-pound future Sooner caught up with for another edition of 'five questions' to let Sooner fans get to know more about Oklahoma's class of 2010.

Clark Foy: If you were on a deserted island, what music would have to be with you?

Rashod Favors: Rasta music, like Jamaican music. I listen to a lot of Bob Marley.

CF: What person has had the biggest impact on you so far in life?

RF: Oh my momma. For awhile, she was a single parent taking care of me and my twin sister. She taught me a lot of morals and everything, a lot of stuff. Just like you don't got to rely on somebody for everything, you can do things yourself.

CF: If you could have a date with any one girl who would it be?

RF: I'd go on a date with Tyra Banks. Just so I can go on American's Next Top Model and see all the hot girls. I'd be sitting right next to Tyra saying 'I don't even wanna talk, just watch.'

CF: What are you most excited about in your first year at Oklahoma?

RF: Just the competition, the outright competition, because everybody coming to the school was the best in the state or their area at what they did and everybody already there was the best in their area at what they did, too.

CF: What are your expectations for your career as a Sooner?

RF: Doing exactly what the coaches ask of me. I want to win honors, win an award and I really want to win a national championships. I'm just going to go up there and be the best person I can be in football, both athletically and academically.

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