March 31, 2010

The Ethics of Scholarships - A discussion

Once upon a time, there was a process that existed in the world known as "discussion." Discussion occurred when people talked about a subject, the goal being to listen to and understand one another, the result being a shared and greater understanding of the subject being "discussed."

This is different from "debate" which seems to have replaced it. In a debate, the only reason the "debaters" listen to one another is to find some angle with which to disagree, some element to use to support one's own side of the argument. The goal of a debate is to score points against the other side in order to "win" by coming out by emerging with a stronger position than one's opponent.

The following is intended as a "discussion." I am not trying to convince you one way or another about which side to take in the matter of the dismissal of J'mison Morgan from the UCLA basketball program. I don't know which side to take myself. What I am hoping to do, however, is to offer some ideas and to at least convince you that there are issues involved here that are worthy of your time and thought.

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