April 7, 2010

Nagy happy to be back in practice

MADISON - Following a trying junior season, one that proved to be an uphill battle throughout, Bill Nagy is slowly working his way back into the flow of things. Though his foot, one that was injured in an off field moped accident, is still not 100 percent, Nagy isn't letting it keep him from getting reps during spring camp.

At the conclusion of a recent practice, BadgerBlitz.com caught up with the senior lineman. The following is a question and answer with Nagy.

When you go through what you did last year, is it just nice to get back out here?

Nagy: Yeah, I never really thought of practice being that much fun, but it has been fun this spring which is a good thing.

Is that one of those things off the field, kind of a freak thing, that keeps you grounded and makes you realize what…

Nagy: Yeah, it does. Football is a real fragile game. Even if guys just play, one play you could be done. It really helps you realize that. Just going through the whole thing and just appreciating every opportunity and every snap that you do get. It sounds kind of cliché and all this and that, but it is true.

Were you surprised that the injury kept you out for most of the year?

Nagy: Yeah I was. At first (the foot) wasn't my concern because it was more of my wrist. I thought that wasn't going to be a problem, but it turns out the foot is what really held me back the most.

How much did that hurt and burn inside you not being able to get out there.

Nagy: It did a lot. It definitely did. It was good to see other guys get out there and get the opportunity, but at the same time I could have seen myself out there as well.

Did you offer coach Bret Bielema to go to the defensive side of the ball?

Nagy: Honestly, I just said, 'Coach, I just want to get on the field and help the team.' Whatever position it is, whatever it may be, I just want to get on the field, contribute and help the team out.

What was his response with that? He had to have liked that.

Nagy: He was real positive about it. Obviously he agreed and said whatever opportunity came and everything once I got healthy. I'm fortunate enough to get some solid reps this spring at offensive line. I'm going to stick with offense for now.

So how has it been going? Were you rusty at all?

Nagy: It's been good. I was definitely rusty. Obviously taking the week off and coming back didn't help much either. I had a little rust today, but for the most part I feel good.

Did you go anywhere for spring break?

Nagy: No, not really. I was pretty low key and just relaxing.

Obviously with the rust, how do you shake that off? Is it just through reps?

Nagy: Yeah, definitely just reps, practicing and working hard.

What would you need to improve on the most, I guess?

Nagy: Everything. Nobody is perfect. With me, I think it's more of my run game and just getting the power back in my foot and everything. I'm just getting through all the reps and the motions and everything like that. It's everything I missed last year, you know.

Did you lose any explosiveness through the injury?

Nagy: Well, I mean I don't even feel 100 percent now so I guess you could say that. I'm trying to get back to 100 percent, so hopefully I'll be back to where I was.

Is it still the foot that's a problem?

Nagy: Yeah.

If you had to give it a percent, where would you say it's at?

Nagy: I mean it's definitely not 100 percent. I'd say it's anywhere from 75 to 80 percent.

You definitely don't use that as an excuse. You don't seem like that type of guy that would do that.

Nagy: Not at all, but I'm definitely not back to where I was. I'm just happy to be back out there and get through all the practices.

What are your goals here for the last two weeks of camp ending with the spring game next Saturday?

Nagy: Just to improve everyday. Take every rep and don't look at it like you're just trying to get through it. Look at every practice as an opportunity to get better. We only have six practices left. That's nothing when you look at the big picture. I've just got to really take every rep for what it's worth.

Obviously from your point of view last year you got to see the offensive line kind of mold together with a lot of different units. Now with spring ball, are you pretty excited about what this offensive line is capable of, especially with depth?

Nagy: We have a lot of depth. That's what I was going to say. But even with the young guys you can see how much talent we have and how much depth and just with everybody rotating in. Everybody really likes each other, too. So it's a good, close-knit group.

Does that kind of chemistry make it all the better on the field?

Nagy: Yeah, definitely. I mean, we have fun with each other. It definitely makes it a lot more fun.

So you guys kind of razz each other a little bit?

Nagy: A little bit, yeah. It's a lot of fun playing with those guys.

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