May 27, 2010

Signee Spotlight: Toney Hurd Jr.

Toney Hurd Jr.
Missouri City, TX
Fort Bend Marshall High School
5-9, 184, 4.48

Senior Honors: First-team all-district selection

Senior Stats: 5 interceptions

Other schools offering scholarships: Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oklahoma, Nebraska

His thoughts and opinions:

Who is your favorite football player of all time? Why?

I would have to say Dion Sanders. He is "Prime Time" himself. He is a great athlete as well as a great cornerback. He's shutdown.

Who is your role model?

I would have to say my role model is my father. I look up to him not only has a man but as a person. I really look up to him and I really admire the things he has done in his life.

What is the best football team you've ever seen?

The Patriots. I believe they are great guys, great character. They have a great organization in New England.

An up close and personal look:

Did you ever have an embarrassing moment playing football?

Not that I can recall.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?

I pray before each and every team meal before the games.

Are you superstitious?

I wouldn't say superstitious. I have a great relationship with Christ. I fell I should pray before and after each and every game because I faith in Christ.

If you weren't playing corner, what position would you want to play? Why?

If I wasn't playing corner I would play safety… or running back. Safety because naturally I am pretty decent at the position. Running back because I have a great feel for running back and I have great instincts on my feet.

A closer look at Texas A&M for him:

What position will you be playing at A&M?


Do you plan to redshirt?

No sir. At this point in time I have been working out and training really, really hard. I have dedicated myself to working out and working on my technique, that way when I get to A&M I can have an instant impact.

What is your strength on the field?

I have great quickness, really good hips. I'm a student of the game. I love watching film and I love breaking down tendencies of a receiver. I feel like on the field I bring the total package as a corner.

What is the one thing you need to work on to play at the next level?

Before college I think I should work on my technique and work on where my eyes are. You can never have too good technique and you can always have better eyes as a corner.

How often do you work out and what is your routine?

I work out Monday through Friday. Saturday I spend with my family and Sunday I go to church and maybe spend some time with my friends. But throughout the week I work out from whenever I get out of school to about 9 o'clock. My days are long and my nights are short, but I enjoy it.

Personal preferences:

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I like to relax. I like to spend some time with my family because I don't get to spend much time with them. During the summer even I have camps and offseason workouts and football stuff. When I actually have spare time I like to spend it with them.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite plate of food is a good ol' rib eye steak, potatoes and some corn bread.

What is your favorite song or performer?

My favorite song is "So Ambitious" by Pharrell because it is basically my motto in life. No matter what he is going to be ambitions and fight to get what he wants in life.

Do you have a nickname?

At school they call me "T-Hurd" but for the most part on the field they call me "Prime Time."

Do you have a major picked out yet?

At this point I am looking into studying mechanical engineering.

A look at the recruiting process:

What one thing was the determining factor in your picking A&M?

No matter what they stayed by my side, throughout the entire process. Even after I committed to Notre Dame they were still talking to me like a father figure and they would be there no matter what. I really liked that. That was really the deciding factor, honestly.

When did you know you were going to sign with A&M?

I knew I was going to sign with A&M when it got closer and closer to the end of the process and I realized I needed my family by my side to be there in the times in need, thought the trials and tribulations. I knew I was going to need someone to lean on. Texas A&M is just far enough away where I can become a man but close enough to where I can also be close to my family.

If you hadn't have signed with A&M, where would you have gone?

If I hadn't signed with A&M I would have probably ended up at Oregon or Oklahoma State.

Did any schools try to come in and sway you at the last minute?

Late in the process Tennessee started to jump on. Ol' Miss offered me early bud didn't jump on me real hard 'til the end of the process. Oragan was also coming pretty hard.

Did the A&M coaches do anything unique in their recruiting of you?

They all wrote me hand written letters and none of them talked about football and stuff, for the most part. They would always just make sure I was doing ok and checking on my families. That was something they were doing that others schools weren't doing. Most schools when they called or wrote just wanted to talk about football and discuss football. With A&M it was more then just football. They wanted to know how I was doing in school, how my family is doing, how things were going in my life. I really thought that was unique.

What was your favorite moment during the recruiting process?

I would have to say my favorite moment was during my in home visit when A&M came by my house. My mom made some nice home cooked Creole and when the coaches all sat and started to eat, their noses started to run because my mom had put some good spices in the food. And when they all left they said they told me they were going to come back and get some of my moms cooking every time they come to Houston. That put a smile on my face and made me feel real good because they liked my mom's cooking.

Did you really click with any current players at A&M or incoming players during the process?

[db]Dominique Patterson, Ben Malena, the linemen from Elkins, Jake Matthews, he is actually in district so we are pretty close. LaKendrick Williams is right around the corner at Sharpstown, so we have some pretty good relationships.

What was your favorite part of your official visit?

My official visit was actually with a bunch of the guys who were committed and I wasn't committed at the time so I think the best aspect of the trip was just getting to talk to them and understanding why they chose A&M. That was untimely the deciding factor in choosing A&M as well.

The future and goals for A&M and beyond:

What number would you like to wear at A&M?

Number four. I have been wearing that number since I was little.

What is your goal for the 2010 football season?

I always set my goals high so I want to be a Freshman All American, First Team All Big 12. I want to be known as a team member and a team player. I want to become a leader of not only my defense but also my team, someday.

Where do you see yourself in 15 years?

In 15 years I see myself with a nice family, a nice home, being successful, living through Christ, a humble person, just being happy.

And for the fans:

Would you like to say anything to the A&M fans?

I would like to tell the A&M fans they are getting a great young man with great character that believes in Jesus Christ. I will be giving them 110% each and every play, on and off the field.

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