June 21, 2010

Phillips Putting His Town on the Map

Prior to hearing about Jordan Phillips' football talent, had you ever heard of Towanda (Kan.) Circle?

If the answer is yes, consider yourself a Kansas football aficionado.

If the answer is no, join the masses.

The anonymity of his town and high school is only magnified to him by the fact that his 6-foot-6 and 290-pounds frame disables any ability for him to blend in to any crowd he might find himself in. The reality that many people will learn the name of his hometown and his alma mater through his deeds and abilities is not lost on him.

Need proof of just how much he has already expanded his town's name?

He is the first male athlete in the history of Circle to attain a division one scholarship.

However, unlike many young athletes the importance of his place in the school's, and subsequently the town, history is not ignored nor is it something he rejects.

"I'm the first one at our school," Phillips said. "That's a really big deal for me, for me and my friend Alex, since we were little we said we were going to be the first to come out of Circle.

"There has never been a guy division one athlete. My sister was one of the first division-one basketball players so I guess that runs in the family a bit. It means a lot to me as it was a goal of mine."

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