July 29, 2010

Scouting the North: Special Teams

With the start of fall camp just about two weeks away, PowerMizzou.com continues our month-long preview of the last season of the Big XII as we know it. After a couple of division titles in a row, Missouri finished second a season ago. Can the Tigers get back on top or will Nebraska ride out of the league with a second straight division crown? Or is there another team that could threaten the five-year hold on the title the Tigers and the Huskers have held?

That's the question we are set to answer in this series of previews. For the next two weeks, PowerMizzou.com will break down each position for each team in the North, the Tigers included. We will rank each unit on a scale from 1-10. At the end of the series, we will tally up the scores (6 points will be awarded for having the division's best position group, down to a single point for the worst group in the North) and use those scores to give you our prediction for the order of strength in the division.

Today, we hit our final position preview with a look at the division's special teams.

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