August 10, 2010

At the movies with A-Rob

If football doesn't work out for Adam Robinson there is a chance that you might see him on the silver screen sometime down the road. The sophomore running back for the Hawkeyes has been bitten by the acting bug while at the University of Iowa. He talks about his interest in acting, reviews a few of his favorite movies of the summer, and he actually talks a little football and the battle at running back.

Q: How was the summer for you?

AROB: The summer was great. It was nice to be here in Iowa City with my teammates training, lifting weights, running, and preparing for the season.

Q: You were in some movie or something for school. Is that something that you are interested in?

AROB: Actually I am majoring in theater and rec management. It is something I want to pursue after college if football doesn't work out for me. I just became interested in it recently. I have always loved movies and acting. I never got into it in high school, but I have taken a couple of classes since I was at Iowa. I've taken Art of Theater, Basic Acting, and things like that. I have wanted to get into a production, but I have always been too busy with football.

Q: So a future Will Smith?

AROB: Hopefully. (laugh) You have to dream big.

Q: Would you want to be an action type movie guy or dramas?

AROB: I would want to do everything. I would want to do action, science fiction, just about anything. I think that would be a lot of fun.

Q: Best movie you saw this summer?

AROB: That's tough. I saw a lot of good ones. I can't say for sure right now because The Expendables is coming out this month. I think that will be the best one. I really liked the A-Team. I would also say Inception. That was a good movie.

Q: Talk about the running back position right now and the competition there. Are you the lead guy right now?

AROB: The depth chart at all the positions really means nothing right now. It's the first day of camp and we still have a lot of stuff to install, learn, and improve on. At the same time there is a lot of competition between the three of us. It's a positive competition and we are all helping each other learn and get better.

Q: Do you ever think back to a year ago or around then when you were headed to safety?

AROB: Yeah, it was spring ball last year. I was playing safety and that kind of took me by surprise. I was out of my element at safety and didn't know what was going on at all. Fortunately they switched me back to running back because that is where I feel most at home.

Q: Did you almost surprise yourself last year?

AROB: Yeah I did. It was a shocker. I've always thought that I could do it and had confidence in my abilities and knew that I could play at this level. But, it is a lot different to think it and then to actually be out there doing it. When I was out there doing it, I thought did I just do that? It was crazy, but it was a lot of fun.

Q: How banged up were you at the end of the year?

AROB: (laugh) Oh geez. I was pretty banged up. I had the shoulder thing getting ready for the Orange Bowl. At Michigan State I had the ankle and that bothered me through the rest of the season.

Q: Then the Ohio State game where you really came out and gutted it out.

AROB: I was probably about 80% that game. Fortunately the adrenaline kicked in and I was able to ignore the pain and kept playing through the whole game.

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