September 15, 2010

Boren brothers always competitive

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Much has been and will be made of the match-up of DeVier Posey and his brother Julian Posey lining up against each other as the Buckeyes and Bobcats take the field Saturday afternoon at Ohio Stadium. This is not the first time that the two have played against each other in the college level but this time around should be much more compelling with both players having emerged as front-line players.

The Buckeyes have a couple of set of brothers on the team roster including the Homans (Ross and Adam) but when one thinks about brothers on the Buckeyes attention immediately goes to the Borens with big brother Justin lining up at guard and little brother Zach as the starting fullback.

Throw into the mix 2012 prospect Jacoby Boren and there is a house full of football players at their parent's Pickerington (Ohio) home and it usually was a powder keg waiting to be ignited with the competiveness of the Borens.

"We are competitive, the whole family is pretty competitive with my younger brother (Jacoby) and everything," Zach Boren said. "We have been playing sports against each other our whole lives growing up so we are always about winning."

The eldest Boren son hasn't had a chance to talk with DeVier about the chance of playing against his older brother but he can only imagine what it would be like and knows that the competitive juices would get flowing and might lead to more action after the whistle.

"It is interesting me playing with (on the same team) with my brother I couldn't imagine playing against him," Justin Boren said. "Especially going one-on-one the entire game. That is going to be pretty crazy for him. We might get into a fight, we might both get thrown out if we were playing against each other."

But the fights are not limited to the football field and the three Boren boys have been going at it for as long as any of them can remember.

"(At home) our pool in the backyard we will fight over who is the fastest swimmer," Justin Boren said. "I remember as a kid that we would get in all-out brawls over the dumbest things."

Throw Jacoby into the mix, a 6-foot-3, 270-something pounder and the fireworks really begin.

"(Jacoby) is a different dude and he thinks that he can take anyone and he will go up and just go full blown and give it to Justin and put has everything he has into," Zach Boren said. "He's not scared one bit."

"(Jacoby) is a competitive little son of a gun," Justin Boren said. "He fights with Zach and I and it is the most competitive environment ever. We are always going at who is better at what, even the most minor stuff we are fighting about."

It is well chronicled that the Boren path to Ohio State took a detour through Ann Arbor (Mich.) especially with father Mike's success in the Wolverine program playing under Bo Schembechler. When Justin decided that it was time to move on from Michigan to Ohio State it seemed to open up the plausibility of Zach to even consider Ohio State. The older Boren twists that around however into telling younger brother Zach that he wouldn't be at Ohio State if it were not for him.

"Absolutely and that is usually how the fight starts," Justin Boren joked. "He will make a smart comment back and that is always my go-to comeback."

"He gives me a hard time about that sometimes but I don't know," Zach Boren said. "We always go back and forth about stuff but he is a good big brother."

The youngest Boren is firmly on Ohio State's recruiting radar but there is no chance of him playing on the same team with Justin with the eldest Boren in his final year of college eligibility. That may be a good thing with it sounding as if those two are more competitive than Justin and Zach if that is even possible.

"(Justin) and I don't really wrestle, we get into it sometimes more verbal than anything," Zach Boren said. "He and (Jacoby) are the ones who really get into it and they have had some showdowns before and my dad is not very happy with it."

With both Borens being in the offensive huddle do either take a moment to think that they are lining up in the same offense with their brother?

"I think we take it for granted more than we should," Justin Boren said. "I will say something about Zach screwing up a block and it will turn out like a fight and my parents will have to settle us down."

But at the end of the day even with all of the competiveness there is still a mutual admiration that each brother holds for the other one but this week the thought of playing against each other has crossed the mind of each of them even if it is only at a Tuesday interview session.

"It would be fun being out there going against him and he is a great ballplayer and it would be a hard time going against him." Zach Boren said.


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