September 22, 2010

Russell Wilson holds weekly press conference

NC State quarterback Russell Wilson has the Pack off to a 3-0 start, their best opening record since 2002 when the team began 9-0. Wilson held his weekly press conference after practice on Wednesday and talked about the upcoming game at Georgia Tech, playing away from the friendly confines of Carter-Finley Stadium, and various other topics. Below is a full transcript of what the quarterback had to say.

Coach Tom O'Brien was talking about how important it was this week to be patient on offense. When you play Georgia Tech, you can be off the field for a long time and it creates almost a false sense of urgency. Has he talked to you about that at all?

Yeah, he's talked to us about it as an offense as a whole. It's kind of exactly what you just said, I think the main thing is just taking it one play at a time, just focusing on the opportunities that you do have, don't make too much of it, but stay in a rhythm. One play at a time, try to score when you can and get first downs.

Have you ever played against a 3-4?

Yeah, a lot of teams go to odd fronts, with three guys down, but not necessarily the whole game. But, we've worked on it, we're definitely ready for it. I'm excited about the game.

Do you feel like you turned a corner in the Cincinnati game and found your comfort level?

I always feel like there's so much more I can get better at, I never feel like I've reached my comfort level. I'm never comfortable, I'm always trying to push myself. I'm never satisfied on the field, I'm never satisfied on the practice field, I always have to get better.

What's it like being 3-0 around here?

There's a lot of excitement, but, at the same time, we're just trying to stay steady and stay consistent on what we have been doing. [We're] focusing on the small things and, at the same time, the big things. Focusing on one thing at a time simplifies everything, we're trying to work and get better every day.

When you watch film, how critical are you of yourself?

I'm always critical. [Sometimes], I feel like I can make a little better of a throw, even if the guy catches it. Where can I get another completion? Where can I get another touchdown? There's always little stuff out there, I always watch my footwork and my rhythm and my timing, making sure I'm going 100 percent every play, in terms of my fakes and all that kind of stuff. I just try to focus on the big picture, but on the little things, as well, which will make me better as a player individually and it will make our team better as a whole.

Is that how you have always been or something that you grew into here?

I've always been like that, but I've definitely grown in that mindset because you're consistently trying to get better. As you mature, as you learn things, as you see different things, as you watch NFL quarterbacks, as you watch other good college quarterbacks, as you talk to Coach Dana Bible and get a better feel of how you can get better individually, it makes the team better, too. I've definitely matured and grown from that, but I've always kind of had that instilled in me at the same time.

Coach talked about pre-snap penalties being something he is disappointed in. How much of a focus has that been this week?

A focus? You can't make too much of it. Sometimes, you make so much of it that it becomes a problem, even more. We just have to focus much more, communicate better or whatever [the problem] is. Everybody has just got to get on the same page, and get rolling.

You mentioned playing against the 3-4, Georgia Tech also used some 4-3 against UNC. How important is recognition of what they are doing since they are a multiple defense?

They've got a great defense, they can do a lot of different things. We've seen a lot of different things as an offense, we know how to adjust to it and we just got to keep moving, like I said, take it one play at a time: see that one particular play and run with it.

You've been getting more opportunities this year with the defense getting off the field. Can that really contribute to getting the offense in a better rhythm?

Definitely, the more you have the ball, the better and the more chances there are to score, more opportunity. Every time we get the ball is an opportunity to score and an opportunity to get first downs, win the game, that's how you have to look at it. It's definitely exciting.

You excelled in the no-huddle offense at the beginning of the Cincinnati game. Can you better predict what type of defense you are going to see because you are putting pressure on the defense?

Predict? I don't really think you should be predicting, you just have to see it for what it is. Whatever defense they are in, you know where you are going from there. That's the way I look at it. You want to have up-tempo because it tries them out a little bit and you can focus on that one particular play and keep it rolling, continuing with the rhythm, but, at the same time, you don't want to rush, either.

You have backs, fullbacks and tailbacks, who can really catch the football. Talk about them.

It's always good. You want to have multi-talented guys that can get out, catch the ball, run the ball. It's more of a threat for the offense in general, it's definitely a positive thing for our offense right now.

Have you been surprised with how well Mustafa Greene has done catching the ball out of the backfield?

I'm not surprised, he works at it every day, same with the other running backs and the rest of the guys. I'm not surprised by the talent we have at those positions, I think that they are very skilled naturally, but also work at it every day. They make you have confidence every time you throw them the ball.

How has the team improved since game one?

That's a tough question. There are always things, like I said, that I feel like we can improve on. I think the wide receivers are catching the ball really well. The offensive line is doing a great job, we have guys that can come in to step up when we need to, and we have guys starting that are great players, too. I think our mentality more than anything, having that attack mindset, but not rushing. [We're] trying to take it one play at a time, that's the mindset that we going with in every game and every play.

Over the past two seasons, the team has been successful at home but had some trouble on the road. What do you attribute that to?

It's always a little bit tougher to play on the road, obviously, because you're not on your home field, your eyes are a little bit different, you have to adjust your eyes and make sure you're looking at the right spot at the right time, and the crowd is cheering against you. That's the type of things [that make it tough], but, at the same time, you can't worry about it. 100 yards is 100 yards and you have to focus on one play at a time, and try to be successful every chance you get.

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