October 22, 2010

SpartanMag.com Recruiting Q&A

Do you see Michigan State making a move on the McAvoy's now the Tim Brewster has been fired?

Michigan State did offer a scholarship to Kyle McAvoy, but not hi twin brother Luke. I saw Luke at the Spartan summer camp, and while he is a Division 1 prospect, I don't think he is at the level Michigan State is looking for at this point. I thought several offensive linemen that the Spartans never offered, such as Scott McDowell (comitted to Illinois) and Jalen Schlachter (committed to Indiana) performed better than Luke.

Kyle McAvoy did not workout at Michigan States camp and I do not see the Spartans making a play for him. I think the McAvoy brothers will look for a school to play together at. For that reason they may wait and see who the Gophers hire

One thing Michigan State likes is when kids with offers come up to camp and still workout. They believe that is the best way for the player and his position coach to build rapport. I firmly believe the reason why Ray Ball (committed to Wisconsin) was never offered was becasue he came up to East lansing and wouldn't compete. He figured that since he had other Big Ten offers, he did not need to workout. He thought wrong.

I think the Spartans are holding that 1 spot for a very high-level high school prospects such as Aundrey Walker of Ohio or Donovan Smith of Maryland.

SpartanMag.com recently caught up with Walker via text and he stated he will take his visits after his season. Smith was on campus the week of the Notre Dame game.

As far as other Minnesota commitments, I do not see a Greg Jones and or Andre Anderson on the Gopher commitment list. Many of the Minnesota commitments are either local area players or they do not play positions of need for Michigan State.

The only intriguing prospect in my opinion is Matt Lacosse of Naperville, Illinois. I fully expect him to open his recruitment back up as he had multiple BCS offers on the table including Purdue, Illinois and Cincinnati when he committed. Lacosse projects as a tight end and I am not sure that is a position of top priority for Michigan State. If Lacosse could also play defensive end, that would improve his stock with Michigan State.

Michigan State signed a JUCO prospect last year in Anthony Rashad-White, will they go after any this year?

At this point it doesn't look like they will, but JUCO recruiting is not as easy to read. This time last year, nobody had even heard of White. Mark Dantonio has not hit the JUCO ranks hard while at Michigan State, but the fact that teams such as Alabama, Auburn and Nebraska are being active on the JUCO front should tell you something.

The one position where it might not be a bad idea to look at the JUCO ranks is offensive tackle. The Spartans will graduate both starters and Henry Conway's health status is still up in the air. In addition Zach Hueter has never proven he can stay healthy. A high- quality JUCO offensive tackle would have a great chance to start or at least be in the two-deeps right away.

Michigan State is not going to take a JUCO that cannot enroll early or who only has two years to play two seasons. Adding White made sense due to him having 3-years of eligibility. Getting a JUCO in for spring is almost a necessity for offensive linemen that only have two years of eligibility.

North Dakota School of Science has two of the top offensive line recruits in the nation in Jacob Fahrenkrug and Matt Williams. At one point those players had mentioned Michigan State, but nothing has come up lately. Interestingly, Grand Rapid Community College defeated NDSS by a score of 55-7 a few weeks ago.

Grand Rapids has the following players on the roster: Charles Burrell (MSU), Jamiihr Williams (MSU), James Stallons (Wisc), Dominique Douglas (Iowa), DeWayne Roland (Indiana) to name just a few

Could players still pop up that nobody is talking about?
That can always happen. Last year Darquezze Dennard was an unknown and we all know the Keshawn Martin story. It is possible that an unknown could emerge, but keep in mind, Michigan State is very limited on scholarships.

One thing to consider is that it is very possible that Tim Brewster will not be the only Big Ten coach fired. I still think Bill Lynch is on thin ice. If Indiana loses this week at Illinois I think people will start calling for his head. If he drops the game the following week at home against Northwestern, that could all she wrote for Lynch.

Unlike the Gophers, the Hoosiers do have some prospects that are worth a closer look. The Hoosiers have a few Michigan players like Bernard Taylor and Schafer Johnson that the staff could re-evaluate. In addition they have a few Ohio commitments that could project at defensive end, most notably Max Pirman and Zach Shaw.

I think Rich Rodriguez is going to win enough games to save his job, but stranger things have happened. I do not think 7-5 will keep his job. That means R-Rod needs to win 3 of the next 5 with Wisconsin and Ohio State still on the schedule. The margin for error is slim. Slip up against the Illinois or Purdue and Rodriguez could be gone.

Does Michigan have any commitments that would look at Michigan State or vice versa? For the most part, I doubt it. Maybe Jacob Fisher would see an opportunity at Michigan State, but most of the in-state guys will likely stick with UM simply because they grew up rooting for the blue. I am not sure MSU would go after any of the out of state players that Michigan has a commitment from.

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