November 10, 2010

Players drafted from the MAC over the past ten years

While no Boise St., TCU or Utah has broken out of the Mid-American Conference to push its way into the BCS picture, the MAC has developed quite a reputation for producing NFL caliber talent. Today, we take a look at each MAC program over the past 10 years and their ability to send players to the next level.


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 6

Top Player: WR Domenik Hixon (Denver Broncos, 4th round in 2006)

-It's a pretty shallow pool to choose from with the Zips, but Hixon has been a pleasant surprise in the NFL and he made his biggest mark with the New York Giants as a return man. DE Jason Taylor, drafted in 1997, is by far Akron's top NFL player, but the Zips have not had a player drafted since 2008.

Top 2010 Prospect: DT Almondo Sewell


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 5

Top Player: QB Nate Davis (San Francisco 49ers, 5th round 2009)

-Ball State went 8 years without having a player drafter (1997-2005) and it wasn't until the past five years that the Cardinals really started to send talent to the next level. Davis is probably the only current Cardinal on an NFL roster that was drafted, and he is on their practice squad as of now.

Top 2010 Prospect: DE Robert Eddins


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 4

Top Player: C Kory Lichtensteiger (Denver Broncos, 4th round 2008)
-It's suprising to see the Falcons have so few players drafted over the past ten years, but Lichtensteiger has been a good one. He is currently a starting guard for the Washington Redskins.

Top 2010 Prospect: OL Tyler Donahue


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 4

Top Player: DE Trevor Scott (Oakland Raider, 6th round 2008)

-Scott has been one of the biggest surprises to come out of the MAC, and he has developed into a very good player for the Raiders this season. He has added 13 sacks since being drafted since 2008.

Top 2010 Prospect: DB Davonte Shannon


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 7

Top Player: OT Joe Staley (San Francisco 49ers, 1st round 2007)

-The Chippewas have produced quite a bit of talent, and most of it has been on the offensive line. Staley clearly stands out, as he has started in San Francisco since he was drafted. UDFA Frank Zombo has started much of the year in Green Bay this season as well, after being undrafted during last April's draft.

Top 2010 Prospect: LB Nick Bellore


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 4

Top Player: DL Jason Jones
(Tennessee Titans, 2nd round 2008)

-Suprising enough, the Eagles have sent just about as many players to the NFL as they have won games in the past decade. Jones is currently a standout DL for the Titans, and although it took him a few years to adjust, he is playing at a Pro Bowl level.

Top 2010 Prospect: OL Bridger Buche


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 5

Top Player: WR Julian Edelman (New England Patriots, 7th round 2009)

-Kent State has sent a decent number of players to the NFL, but very few have stood out. Edelman was fortunate to be drafted by the Patriots last season, and the converted quarterback filled in nicely for Wes Welker last season. It should be noted that former Kent State QB Josh Cribbs has become a Pro Bowl caliber player with the Cleveland Browns as a return man/wide reciever, but he was undrafted following the 2005 draft.

Top 2010 Prospect: S Brian Lainhart


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 9

Top Player: QB Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers, 1st round 2004)

-Roethlisberger is the easy choice, and all he has done id develop into one of the top QB's in the NFL and win two Super Bowls. OL Jacob Bell has also made an impact with the Tennessee Titans.

Top 2010 Prospect: WR Armand Robinson


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 7

Top Player: RB Michael Turner (San Diego Chargers, 5th round 2004)

-One could make the argument that no MAC program has produced as much high end talent as the Huskies. Turner is one of the NFL's best running backs, OT Doug Free is a starting left tackle for the Dallas Cowboys and WR Justin McCareins, DE Larry English and OT Ryan Diem are all solid NFL players.

Top 2010 Prospect: RB Chad Spann or DE Jake Coffman


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 4

Top Player: S Michael Mitchell
(Oakland Raiders, 2nd round 2009)

-Many people scratched their heads when Mitchell's name was called in round two, but he has developed into a starting caliber NFL player with the upstart Raiders. But other than Mitchell, the Bobcats haven't had many significant players drafted despite their on-field success over the years.

Top 2010 Prospect: WR LaVon Brazill


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 6

Top Player: RB Chester Taylor (Baltimore Ravens, 6th round 2002)

-The Rockets have produced some quality NFL talent and Taylor heads the list as he's been a very solid NFL running back for years. Nick Kazcur and John Greco have both produced in the NFL as OL and QB Bruce Grakowski is still vying for a starting role in Oakland.

Top 2010 Prospect: OL Kevin Kowalski


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 6

Top Player: DE Raheem Brock (Philadelphia Eagles, 7th round 2002)

-Temple has had seven players drafted since 2000, and all but one has been on the OL or DL. Brock made his biggest impact with the Indianapolis Colts and Dan Klecko made his mark in the NFL at numerous positions.

Top 2010 Prospect: S Jaiquawn
Jarrett or DT Muhammad Wilkerson (JR)


Number Drafted Past 10 Years: 5

Top Player: WR Greg Jennings (Green Bay Packers, 2nd round 2008)

-Plenty of high profile names on their drafted list with Jennings, TE Tony Scheffler and S Louis Delmas, heck even former 1st round draft pick Jason Babin is having a resurrection in Tennessee. Plenty of talent has come and gone in Kalamazoo, but for some reason they have never been able to get over that hump and win the MAC, or even their division.

Top 2010 Prospect: P Ben Armer

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