January 23, 2011

Scheu talks about Vanderbilt commitment

"Well I had this visit coming up this weekend and then next weekend was to be at Kansas. I had promised Kansas that I would come to theirs before I made a decision but this weekend just put things into perspective for me. Vanderbilt's been a place that I always wanted to go, and so I kind of knew it was where I wanted to be before even I took the visit. So once I did take the visit it really showed me it was definitely where I wanted to be and this was the perfect fit.

"I love Coach Franklin and I love Coach Bankins, they're all great. I knew this morning, I was like this is definitely where I want to be and there's no doubt about it. As disappointing as it was to have to tell Coach Gill at Kansas that I wasn't coming out next weekend, I just felt like it would be a disservice if I came up and wasn't into it and wasted his time and let them do something else with that scholarship offer."

"I told Coach Franklin this morning. I wasn't originally planning on it but after sitting down and talking to him this morning, it just felt right. I couldn't be happier right now. He was real excited as well. I feel like we have a pretty good relationship. I hadn't talked to him much before this weekend but I was real excited to and I thought we hit it off real well. We clicked really well. My host was T.J. Greenstone, he's a real good guy too."

camp and everything

"I'm definitely, primarily, going to be a tight end but they also talked about looking at me as a long snapper as well, need be. They are going to try to set me up with some guys in the off-season to get some training because I've never had much instruction on technique at that position or anything before, but that's a possibility. Primarily it'll be tight end though."

more on decision

"Education actually played a major role, for my entire family not just me. My brother is in business school, my sister is at St.Louis University nursing school, and so that played a major part. Not that Kansas isn't good or doesn't have good education, it's just obvious that Vanderbilt's one of the top schools in the nation, so that was important. I'm undecided but I'm looking for something like sports medicine, right now, is what I'm thinking. If that doesn't work out then I'll just probably do something in the business area."

thoughts on senior year

"It was a little disappointing, we had high expectations especially after the last two years. My sophomore and junior seasons we went made the state [playoffs] and we were hoping to get back there but we lost a couple of our players last year, so it was kind of tough. Our main goal was to win the state championship, so coming up short was disappointing but all in all, I still had a lot of fun and enjoyed it."


"I'd say my competitive nature is a strength, I love to compete. If it's a spot, between me and another guy, I believe I'll definitely be him out because I want it. I think as a player, athletically, I have really good hands and feet, so I can get out there and create some mismatches against cornerbacks and linebackers."


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