February 17, 2011

Breaking down the LSR: 91-100

The latest Lone Star Recruiting for the Class of 2012 is out, but we're still at a point in the evaluation process when an education of sorts still needs to take place throughout the list - from No.1 through No.100. Therefore, for the next two weeks we'll go through the entire top 100 list and do exactly that - introduce the players to you. We'll start things off with a look at the final 10 players on the list.

100. Mac Long - (Offensive lineman/Edna)

I kind of view Long as a little bit of a diamond in the rough. At 6-4, 277 pounds, he's a lineman that has the physical tools to be a very good college lineman and I don't think he's come close to reaching his upside as an athlete. He's currently at his best in the run game and there are times when he can flat out overpower other players at the Class 3A level, but I think that his body could still go through a transformation after some time in a college weight program. Although he's not an elite-level athlete, don't confuse him for a bad athlete because he does a fairly nice job of getting on guys at the second level in the running game and although he projects as an inside guy for me, I could see him playing tackle on the right side of the line. On the downside, his technique can get a little sloppy and he has to learn how to play with better pad level. The upper body strength needed to be a starting caliber lineman might be a few years away, but I think he's a player worth keeping an eye on.

Player he reminds me of: Kyle Hix (Texas - 2007)

Current offers: Houston and Texas Tech

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: 92

Highest ranking: 67 (8/26/10)

Debut ranking: 67 (8/27/10)

99. Devonte Thomas - (Athlete/Aldine Eisenhower)

Every year there is going to be a group of players that are flying under the radar because of medical issues and Thomas definitely falls into that category. At 6-1, 197 pounds, Thomas has the ingredients to become a very good college player. In fact, at this time last year Thomas was drawing comparisons to former Eisenhower defensive back Craig Loston because of his size/athleticism combo, along with the fact that he'll bring the hammer down in run support as a safety. We're also talking about a kid that runs the 100/200 in track and was the only sophomore starter for Eisenhower in 2009. So, why the three-star grade? It's pretty simple - Thomas only played a handful of games as a junior before tearing his ACL. If he comes back strong this off-season and nears his pre-injury form, Thomas' upside resides in the four-star range.

Player he reminds me of: James Henry (Texas - 2006)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: 77

Highest ranking: 27 (3/30/10)

Debut ranking: 27 (3/30/10)

98. Caleb Bluiett - (Defensive end/Beaumont Westbrook)

If you're looking for a kid that could absolutely surge up the list this spring, this might be your kid. At 6-3, 235-pounds, Bluiett flew a little under the radar last season because of the presence of Kansas signee Ben Goodman, but Bluiett had a solid season in his own right and is certainly a player that is on everyone's radar. The biggest question mark with Bluiett is that he's a bit of a tweener, who is probably best-suited to play inside, but it's tough to tell if he can project with more mass because it could very well cause him to lose some of the athleticism that makes him a quality player right now. Bluiett is a rough and tumble kid that will mix it up with the best of them, but he's simply solid off the edge as a pass rusher. I'm curious to see what kind of development he makes this off-season because I'd love to have a better idea of just who he is as he heads into his senior season.

Player he reminds me of: Stansly Maponga (TCU - 2009)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: NR

Highest ranking: 86 (current)

Debut ranking: 86 (1/13/11)

97. Garrett Adcock - (Offensive lineman/Dallas Christian)

Adcock is likely going to be a borderline top 100 selection throughout the next year. At 6-2, 275 pounds, there's no getting around the fact that he's a little undersized and is coming from a low level of competition - not your favorite combination by any stretch. What you like about him is that he plays his guts out, plays solidly at the point of attack and is a solid athlete. The fact that he could play any of the three interior line spots is a bonus. His strength currently comes from his lower body and as he continues to develop strength, he'll improve in the running game. The biggest downside is that he doesn't really do anything great right now and isn't a plus-athlete. His ability to play center keeps him in the list right now

Player he reminds me of: Jason Glynn (Texas - 2000)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: 60

Highest ranking: 39 (3/30/10)

Debut ranking: 39 (3/30/10)

96. Kendrick Daniels - (Running back/Suphur Springs)

Daniels isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea because he's one of those mighty mites that plays really big on the field, but is never going to pass anyone's eyeball test. At 5-7, 150 pounds, you're getting a kid that is a bottle rocket with the ball in his hands and in the open field. As a junior, Daniels was one of the best players in East Texas, averaging 10 yards per touch on offense and exhibiting game-breaking skills as a runner, receiver and return guy. This is a kid that will flat out undress a defender in space and his ability to make guys miss in a phone booth is uncanny. I'm telling you that when this kid walks off the bus he looks like the student manager, but when the pads come on, few play bigger than this little guy.

Player he reminds me of: Jaquizz Rodgers (Oregon State - 2008)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: NR

Highest ranking: 96 (current)

Debut ranking: 96 (2/13/11)

95. Tavarreon Dickerson - (Running back/Arlington)

I don't know that there's anything flashy about Dickerson's skill set, but there's no denying that he is one of the best all-purpose running backs in the Lone Star State and he's got a chance to be a very solid college all-purpose back. As a runner, Dickerson has a good (not great) burst that allows him to successfully get to the corner at the high school level, but he doesn't have the outright blazing speed that would allow him to run away from the field once he turns the corner. That being said, there's not a lot of wasted motion or false movements with Dickerson because he seems to understand that the closest path to any point is a straight line and that mentality allows him to be a very productive player. He's also a plus-receiver out of the backfield that shows natural skills in the screen game. If the kid had a little more sizzle to his game, he'd be a top 50 prospect for me.

Player he reminds me of: Kendial Lawrence (Missouri - 2009)

Current offers: Tulsa

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: 94

Highest ranking: 53 (3/30/10)

Debut ranking: 53 (3/30/10)

94. Sherman Gilbert - (Running back/Carthage)

If you need proof of Gilbert's ability as a player, simply take out the film of last year's state championship game against Carthage because he did everything but don a cape in the first half of that game. The younger brother of former Huntsville star Justin Gilbert, Sherman is a one-cut runner that has a great burst out of his cuts and when he gets moving North/South, he can cover a lot of ground very quickly. Yes, he's a little raw at this point, but he's a guy that could project on either side of the ball and you get the feeling that he's just now starting to come into his own a little as a player.

Player he reminds me of: Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma State - 2010)

Current offers: Tulsa

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: NR

Highest ranking: 94 (current)

Debut ranking: 94 (2/13/11)

93. Kimo Tipoti - (Offensive lineman/Hurst K.L. Bell)

At 6-4, 317 pounds, Tipoti projects as an interior player and his combination of size and power make him one of the better run blocking big men in the Metroplex. At his best, he can be a mauler in a ground and pound attack, but he's still a little raw and his footwork/technique is still a little rough at times. Tipoti isn't a guy that thrives in space at this point and he'll need to make sure that he manages his weight well over the course of the next few years, but he shows flashes of being a really good prospect that could take off in the right situation.

Player he reminds me of: Louis Vasquez (Texas Tech - 2005)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: 74

Highest ranking: 74 (1/12/11)

Debut ranking: 74 (1/13/11)

92. Terrence Taylor - (Athlete/Diboll)

There's a violence that the 5-11, 190-pound Taylor runs with that sometimes makes it tough for me to take my eyes off of him. Some guys play football like every snap will determine whether they can take another breath and if you're asking me what jumps out the most about this East Texas playmaker, it's the simple fact that kid can flat out deliver the goods on the football field. Is he an out of this world athlete? Not really, and I'm not sure that you can't find 500 kids in the state that fit his physical profile, but he's got a little something extra that separates him from the pack. I'm not convinced that defense isn't where he should be playing. He's one of those four star players in a three-star package.

Player he reminds me of: Stephen Hodge (TCU - 2005)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.7

Previous ranking: 65

Highest ranking: 65 (1/12/11)

Debut ranking: 74 (3/30/10)

91. De'Vante Lacy - (Wide receiver/Grand Prairie)

As far as pure production goes, few can match what Lacy turned in last year with 89 receptions for 1,144 yards and 14 touchdowns. There's no question that the kid flat out played some football last season. The question that I'm not completely sure about is whether Lacy is a great high school player with a solid set of physical tools or if there's a little more under the hood than that. On film, I've yet to see him make a "wow" that would make me think I have vastly underrated. I would love to see some updated junior film and an appearance at one of the elite top combines in the coming months because I'd love to see him in that sort of competitive environment.

Player he reminds me of: Kyle Guinyard (SMU - 2019)

Current offers: None

Current LSR Rating: 5.6

Previous ranking: NR

Highest ranking: 91 (current)

Debut ranking: 91 (2/13/11)

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