February 23, 2011

Stansbury opens up about Sidney

Mississippi State head coach Rick Stansbury has been under fire from fans and media alike most of this season about his handling of sophomore forward Renardo Sidney.

This week Stansbury answered questions from the media about the talented but embattled blue-chipper and why he has been protected by the university from doing interviews to this point.

Q: What does Sidney have to do to be able to handle himself in front of the media?

Stansbury: "Again, I think it is like anybody that has never done it. You guys can be very difficult in the way you ask questions for a young man that's never had those questions asked to him. I think there has to be some understanding in how to respond to questions and to where you all can't push a button to make him say the wrong things.

"That is your job and if you put a mic in front of a young kid that's never done it, there is a tendancy for that to happen. So he needs to understand some things and be honest. At the same time there are some certain things and lines you don't step over and that is something he has to learn how to handle himself to do. With the more experiences he has and the more things he reads, the better he will become with all of this."

Q: Do you expect him to be back next season?

Stansbury: "I don't have any questions or answers or thoughts on that. None."

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