February 25, 2011

Garnett high on Ducks

The Oregon Ducks landed five top offensive linemen in the last class, but they will certainly be adding another few for the Class of 2012. One of the first they identified and offered was Puyallup offensive tackle Joshua Garnett.

Watching film of Garnett, the reason for the attraction is obvious. As a junior, Garnett dominated whichever defender the opponent threw at him. Besides his imposing physical stature, the 6-foot-5, 280 pound athlete has another leg up on the competition. His father is former Washington Husky and NFL star Scott Garnett.

"He really knows a lot," said Garnett of his father. "It's a diverse knowledge of weightlifting. He is helping me out getting stronger because he can teach me different lifts. What lift to do to gain size or gain power, or gain strength. He shows me the difference between power and strength and speed. We work on the explosion things that are especially beneficial. My dad was big at power clean and squat so he can help me with form."

Garnett attributes their shared passion as healthy motivation for achieving his own goals.

"It strengthens our relationship because some people don't have that great a relationship with their parents," Garnett explained. "I hand out with my dad every single day. We're always joking around, messing around with each other, asking who was stronger, who was better when he was my age so we have a little rivalry going. It's a healthy rivalry that makes our bond closer."

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