May 16, 2011

Latest offeree is thrilled with Hokie scholie

Offers continue to go out and one of the latest was extended on Saturday to a fast-rising linebacker. Who is it and what is his take on the Virginia Tech scholarship?

"Well, Coach Bendorf texted me and said Virginia Tech is going to offer," Lorton (Va.) South County linebacker Devin Vandyke said. "Then, Coach Foster called Ronny and Ronny told me everything I wanted to hear.

"Ronny mentioned that they talked about me on Saturday morning and decided to go ahead and pull the trigger, that's how it happened."

What does landing a scholarship from Tech mean to Vandyke?

"Well, I know Virginia Tech will always be in my top five or top three cause I'm so familiar with them," he said. "I'm still going to be open-minded to any other school that comes, but I can say there is a little favor towards Virginia Tech cause Ronny is there and I know the coaches and they know my family."

Meanwhile, Ronny was thrilled too.

"I guess he was a little surprised, he knew it'd happen sooner or later," he said. "I was shocked. I didn't think the in-state schools liked me at all.

"I thought Virginia Tech would be first, but they ended up being eighth. I'm still glad it happened."

Vandyke added that he is very interested in Virginia Tech and went into detail on that.

"They win games," he said. "They have seven straight years of 10 wins or more and two BCS games and ACC Championships. The home crowd they have and they dominate everything they do. They dominate on both sides of the ball and the continuity of the coaching staff as well is great. I also like the atmosphere at Virginia Tech, it's like no other place, and the students are electric as well."

Of course, the possibilities with Virginia Tech lend a chance for Vandyke to once again play with his brother.

"It would be easier for my parents, friends and community to come watch us play together," he said. "I know Virginia Tech has had really great sets of brothers, it is nice to have the possibility of another brother there teaching you the ropes before everybody else."

Though they've discussed the whip position, Vandyke's primary look by the Hokies appears to be for the backer spot.

"The main thing they are talking about me playing is backer, but they have mentioned whip," he said. "My sophomore year I played whip and I'm familiar with that, I have natural instincts for either one and I'll do whatever to get on the field quicker."

The one lingering question is, does the fact Tech waited till now hurt them at all?

"I guess you could say it hurt them a little bit," he said. "I've seen other schools and how they are. If Virginia Tech was first to offer, most likely I would have committed, but now other places and other interest has come and I have more variety to choose from and to see what's out there. I'm going to take a little longer to decide where I want to go.

"There are a couple schools I want to take a look at."

So, Vandyke plans to take visits. He broke down what is next.

"I think I'm probably going to visit Virginia Tech sometime this summer maybe when I drop off Ronny for school in July or the July 9th camp," he said. "I still want to see Tennessee and Kentucky. Michigan State just came by and they are on the verge of offering and NC State wants me to come by.

"I know I'm supposed to be visiting Kentucky in late June and Tennessee this summer too. It also depends on how much pressure I'm getting, if there are two linebackers committed to Tennessee or Virginia Tech, that'll pressure me more to speed up my decision, but right now I have no rush."

With impending visits, Vandyke talked about what he wants to see on these trips.

"I'm just looking for somewhere I'll feel most comfortable at, somewhere I'll gladly say this is my home for the next four years," he said. "I want somewhere I like the coaching staff and somewhere that suits me best where I can get my degree as well."

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