August 8, 2011

Intensity, tempo, and effort impressive to Dykes after day 1

Louisiana Tech opened its fall camp Monday evening with a spirited practice that head coach Sonny Dykes thought was one of the best in that regard since he has been in Ruston.

"I thought it was good, said Dykes after his Bulldogs finished their first fall practice. I thought our effort and intensity was probably as impressive as we've had around here. We challenged them to come out and have a good day tomorrow and build on it. So we'll see if we can continue to work at that high level," Dykes added.

Defensive backs shine

The defensive backs were the surprising highlight of day 1 of camp and Dykes thought the same.

"I thought the same thing. I thought those guys [the defensive backs] played with a lot of confidence, and the thing they did today better than they have done in the past is they made plays on the football. When you go back and watch us last year we didn't play the ball as well as we needed to at times and I thought we played tremendously well today," Dykes said of the defensive back play.

Defensive coordinator Tommy Spangler said they have been challenging the defensive backs since last season's game against Nevada.

"We've been challenging them ever since last year after the Nevada game. We didn't have a very consistent year. Since this has been since January it wasn't like all of a sudden, we've been trying to get better since January," said Spangler on the play of his defensive backfield.

Quarterback Colby Cameron noticed their play as well.

"They just played good defense, Cameron said bluntly. "They played good man on man and they made plays."

During practice, Cameron said he took risks he would not normally take and that resulted in some turnovers.

"I did take some risks I wouldn't normally take in a game, but that's why its called practice. During practice, you try and fit balls in and determine 'hey, I can't fit that there'," Cameron said.

Tevin King update

Last night we reported that Tevin King was waiting to be cleared by the NCAA. Dykes hopes they will know something Tuesday about his status.

"Yeah, we're expecting to hear something from the NCAA tomorrow. We got all the paperwork in today [Monday] and we're hoping to hear something Tuesday and hopefully he'll be with us," Dykes added about King.

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