November 30, 2011

Richt mum on RBs

Mother Nature hasn't exactly cooperated with Georgia's preparation for the SEC Championship as Athens has been subjected to cool, often cold, damp conditions for workouts this week at the team's Woodruff Practice Facility.

With Saturday's game at the Georgia Dome, head coach Mark Richt admitted that could present somewhat of a problem.

"I don't know, it could be; It's going to be warm in there. It was warm the last time we were there and it's going to be humid," Richt said after practice Wednesday. "I've seen guys cramp up in a dome before, because it does get warm and I can't imagine it not heating up with all the fans we're going to have there from both programs ,so it will feel hot. It will feel hot compared to what it was like out there today, I can tell you that."

There has at least been one benefit to the cooler temperatures.

"The colder it is, the faster they practice," said Richt. "It seems like there's more incentive to get it done, even during our breaks, guys wanted to keep moving."

One thing that's not a concern is the slipping that took place in the early part of the game against Boise State.

During the contest, a number of Bulldogs had trouble getting their traction on the Georgia Dome turf, although Richt said it had nothing to do with the shoes his players were wearing.

"We were wearing the right shoes; we didn't slip the whole game, but we started out slipping for sure. It won't happen again," Richt said. "I know it was a relatively new turf, but I don't know if that had anything to do with it."

Tight end Orson Charles was one of the players who were having staying afoot.

"That week we practiced on the grass and going on the turf it feels a little different and for the first couple of series a lot of people were slipping, but now we're practicing on the turf so we'll have a better feel," said Charles. "It was definitely not the shoes."

Richt also confirmed that the Bulldogs will wear their normal red home jerseys with gray bottoms for Saturday's game (4 p.m., CBS) as LSU will wear its home whites.

However, the players apparently had an option to wear the Pro-Combat jerseys but declined.

"No one even asked me about them and a couple were like 'don't do it Coach.' I did promise if we made it back (to the Dome) we could," Richt said. "Before the (Boise State) game they thought they were cool so I told them we could wear them again if we made it back. I thought it would be a nice incentive, but it turned out not to be much of an incentive."

Georgia will have a walk-through at the Dome Friday afternoon.

Richt mum on running backs

Richt uncharacteristically pleaded the fifth when asked about his running backs when it came to their status for Saturday.

The Bulldog coach was asked about Richard Samuel and Isaiah Crowell, before stopping the question with an answer that surprised those attending Wednesday's question-and-answer session.

"I don't want to talk about tailbacks. I really don't. Let's just talk about something else because I was really in a good mood and you had to ask that thing. No more tailback questions until after the game," Richt said. "I don't blame you for asking, but I don't have any good answers so I'm not going to answer."

None of Georgia's running backs have been made available to the media all week.

Richt is scheduled to address the media for a final time Friday at the Georgia Dome.

This and that

Defensive end DeAngelo Tyson did not practice Wednesday but Richt did not rule him out for Saturday.