December 20, 2011

Everett talks final 24 hours

Pierce (Calif.) Community College cornerback Kasseim Everett woke up Tuesday -- the day before junior college athletes can sign with Division I programs -- still completely undecided between playing Texas Tech or Oklahoma football.

In less than 24 hours, his hand will virtually be forced.

"Just looking at these Letters of Intent is very emotional and it shows that I have a chance to continue my football career," Everett said. "So that's mostly how I'm feeling leading up to it -- I will still be able to play football and that's a blessing.

"I'm not ready to give any indication on where I'm going yet because these last 24 hours are very crucial. In 24 hours I decided where I'm going to continue my football career at one of these find institutions. That's pretty much it."

Everett said he's not even sure he'll have a decision ready when he gets in bed Tuesday evening. A phone conversation with his father in Philadelphia Tuesday will be a big factor into Everett's decision.

Everett calls his father frequently and they go over the pros and cons of the schools Everett is hearing from. Tuesday, they'll just sort through Tech and Oklahoma.

"It's the same opportunity at both schools, I want to be a starting corner," Everett said. "One, which is Texas Tech, allows a greater presence because of who they have and not really having anyone. They don't have many set corners and moved receivers to D.B.'s. So I think I'd have a great presence.

"At Oklahoma I'd be in a secondary around great players and then you have the tradition. Not as much on Texas Tech's end. But initially it will come down to playing time for me. Tradition is great, tradition is always a plus, but I'm really focused on playing."

That sounds like a no-brainer for Tech. The Red Raiders have bigger depth issues in the secondary and Everett would be featured in the defensive backfield. But it's still not that easy.

"What's making is so hard is both have great opportunities to play," Everett said. "Both are in the Big 12 and that's where I want to play. I don't know for a fact how some of these coaches coach. (Tech) coach (John) Lovett being a new coach, I never got to see him coach.

"I can't tell how they coach. They're all great people, but you never know how they coach. The pros and the cons can go either way. But what I'm really looking for is how fast can I get on the field and contribute to the defense."

Wednesday will be the day though as Everett confirmed he will send in a Letter of Intent around noon Pacific time, 2 p.m. Central time.

Everett also wants to be a part of his university after he graduates and moves on to a professional career -- whether it's football or not.

"What I'm looking to get out of it is just the preparation," Everett said. "Come in and contribute and help a team out first. For me to come in and be able to help a team, at the same time a team is helping me with relationships that will last forever and becoming part of an alumni group.

"I want to have a great time playing a sport that I love and getting a great education out of it at the same time and hopefully move on to a professional career in the secondary. I just want to have a great experience, build bonds that last forever and education and being around great coaches. Having a great time while I'm doing it."

Everett said the recruiting journey has been a fun one for him and something he will miss to some degree once he signs the letter.

"The attention has probably been the best part," Everett said. "Thinking and narrowing schools down has been the most stressful part. But the attention it brings is kind of a release and relieves some of the stress that comes with it. But it's a stress you want to have, you have options.

"I've had a great time talking with people on Twitter, these interviews that you guys have been wanting. I do my best to hit every interview and try to give you guys insight. It's been a great recruiting process and a great experience. This is my last go-around with it so I've approached it with the best I have to offer and there's a great opportunity in front of me."

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