September 13, 2012

Assessing Wes Lunt

We had a chance to hit Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Todd Monken with a few questions about his true freshman quarterback on Monday. It was Wes Lunt's second collegiate game, first on the road and first loss. As always, Monken shot straight, while also responding to the questions from numerous angles.

How impressed were you with Wes on Saturday? It seemed like he was the most poised guy on the field at times.

There were times when he got a little rattled and moved a little bit outside of the pocket when he didn't need to and things like that, but in general terms, did we have the plan to throw it 60 times? No, of course not. When the game was in the balance, our play-calling was pretty balanced. 40 pass plays and 30 runs or so. Of him, I would say that there wasn't a time when we sat there and went "Okay we can't do this." There's not a time when we go "Okay, we can't do this." That should tell you the confidence we have in him. As the game progressed, we had to let it rip. Our advantage was in the secondary, so we let him throw it.

When we heard Wes is 6'4 and a big guy, I expected a Tom Brady-like pocket passer. On Saturday, he rolled to his right a few times and made some big throws. Is that something we can expect from him?

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