October 2, 2012

Outlaw starting over

When Martin Luther King offensive lineman Joshua Outlaw committed to Florida in the spring, he thought the recruiting process was over.

Then, just a few short months later, the Peach State lineman de-committed from the Gators, and is now going through the process for what amounts to the second time.

So far this season, Outlaw has made a trip to see Clemson, but made the short trip to Athens to see Georgia take on Tennessee on Saturday.

He didn't arrive at the game until halftime, but left impressed with what he saw and had a chance to reunite with an old teammate.

"Well I definitely enjoyed the trip. I got to see one of my former teammates, Blake Tibbs. We played together just within the last year and now he is on the football field for Georgia, so I could see myself my self teaming up with Blake again for another round and another go at it," said Outlaw. "Overall I enjoyed the trip. It was my first Georgia game and it was an amazing experience. I've never seen fans just so rowdy, and it was such a good game. Tennessee had great effort. I enjoyed the game and it was one of the better games I've ever seen."

The Bulldogs were pursuing Outlaw, who admits he is a Georgia fan, before he committed to Florida, but things slowed down between the two after the pledge.

Things started to heat back up a little when the three star prospect attended Dawg Night in July, and now that he is no longer a member of the Gators' 2013 class, Outlaw says that things are close to what they slowed down.

"Things are definitely picking up. We've had some light contact but they've picked up their interest. They let me know that the offer is there on the table," he said. "I definitely see things starting to heat up with Georgia. We have a good little conversation going, and things are picking up where they left off."

While things with Georgia have picked up, Outlaw says that the Bulldogs aren't the only teams to come calling.

He is garnering interest from a number of schools.

"The schools I have talked to lately are UCLA, Miami, Arkansas, and Tennessee. I've talked to Florida, ECU, and Virginia Tech," he said. "I've also talked to UCF and Ole Miss. Those are the schools I can name off the top of my head. Also Clemson and South Carolina."

Having to go through the process again is something that Outlaw acknowledges isn't easy, but he believes he has a solid plan this time around.

"I'm just going through the ups and downs of being back in the recruiting process. I'm just determining how the numbers fit here or potentially where is the best place," said Outlaw. "I'm trying to see where things are with having a relationship with the coaches and my major, and just checking out the university from head to toe."

While that plan is in place, Outlaw says that he is barely getting started.

He has no favorites and has yet to narrow his list of schools at this time.

"I'm not real sure which schools could be in a top 10 or a top five or something like that," he said. "Right now, I'm wide open so I don't have anything definite as of yet, but I plan to start breaking down the schools that can offer me the best opportunity. That is what I am looking at as far as schools and all."

Outlaw is being so patient with his recruitment, that he still isn't sure when he will attend another game or take his official visits.

"I may attend the Georgia versus South Carolina game this week. I know Miami wants me to come to a game. I will probably attend one of those games. I don't have any definite plans or anything," said Outlaw. "I've been talking to a couple of schools about officials, but I'm not too sure. Whatever schools I have the best relationship with is probably where I'll take my officials, but I don't have anything planned yet. It's possible in the near future."

One thing he does seem certain about is when he will make a decision, and that date is no time in the near future.

"I'll probably say February 2 is what I am shooting for," he said. "It's a long process and I'm just trying to take my time."

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