November 12, 2012

Tech not buying OSU history

For the Red Raiders, it's time to repay Oklahoma State. In every sense of repay.

Tech will go back to a seemingly unlucky town after a two-year hiatus thanks to Big 12 realignment. Back to an extremely hostile environment where the Red Raiders have not won since 2001.

The Red Raiders have nothing but good things -- or bad things depending on how you look at it -- to say about the Cowboy faithful.

"Those fans, they have great fans out there," strong safety D.J. Johnson said during a thoughtful Monday media luncheon. "Their fans are passionate about their team. I respect that. Me, I enjoy that.

"So I'm excited about that. I'd like to make things happen or try to make things happen when we go into tough crowds and things like that. But they have a great fan base. The fact that they're so close, they're loud, and they're excited about their team being out there, I think that is going to impact the game."

At Boone Pickens Stadium, the stands slope upward and the fans are right on top of the sidelines. On top of that, students in the front row have wooden paddles they slap against pads on the walls on the playing surface.

But ultimately, home field advantage can only do so much.

Games are won by execution and the Cowboys have done a better job of that when playing the Red Raiders in Stillwater, Okla., dating back to the 2001 season. And here's another team Tech's current players have never defeated.

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