March 30, 2006

Spring Practice Report

Observations from the second week of spring football as reported, more or less randomly, from the keen eye of Campus Carl:

* Watching punt team drills is showing me that Blunt has a better leg than
Brayton - but he's inconsistent. To wit: Three punts with the full team in drills, first traveled about 35 yards, the second 45, and the third was a 55 yard blast that pushed Bumpus to the back of the end zone. Hang time is also inconsistent.

* The defense looked good in no-huddle drills, Rogers was a bit off and got
picked by Cory Evans.

* The offense got its revenge in the 9-on-9 running game drills, as the second
team D-line in particular was getting pushed around all over the field and
the inside running game looked markedly better. DeMaundray Woolridge had a
nice run on the first play, and all three backs look like they can find a
crease in traffic. Dwight Tardy coughed one up and caught some flak from
running backs coach Kelly Skipper, but came back later with a nice run punctuated by a very sharp cut inside that freed him for a long gain.

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