April 10, 2006

NU Notes: Running back backs get tough

Nebraska running backs coach Randy Jordan wants to test his backs toughness this spring. Jordan wants to find out who's a man and who's not.

Over the course of 12 spring practices, things have gotten pretty physical for sophomores Marlon Lucky, Cody Glenn and Leon Jackson, but all three of them have battled through the bumps and bruises.

"The biggest thing is they all can run the ball and the pass protection is coming along," Jordan said. "But I told them today, you'll never be healthy again until after the season. I'm trying to teach them the difference between injury and pain.

"Right now they're in a lot of pain because they've been getting banged up, but you've got to be able to continue to play through it. I'm really, really, pleased that those guys have not missed a practice and have fought through the little things. To be a great back, that's what you've got to do."

Offensive coordinator Jay Norvell compares the situation with the running backs this spring to what happened last spring with the quarterbacks.

Head coach Bill Callahan and Norvell took the green jerseys off the QB's to see who had the most toughness.

"We have purposely put our guys into the toughest situations they could be in this spring to find out about them," Norvell said. "It was this time last year we found out about Zac Taylor. We put him in a scrimmage and he got splattered about four times in a row and he bounced right back up. We found out he was our toughest quarterback and we are kind of doing the same thing this year with those backs.

"We're finding out who the tough kids are, who's going to fight through it when they're sore or tired and we found out a lot about those guys. And I think they found out a lot about themselves. Hopefully this will all pay off in the fall."

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