April 16, 2006

Shada ready for full-time role

After filling in as a part-time starter last year due to injuries to Jovon Johnson and Antwan Allen, junior Adam Shada is ready for a full-time role at cornerback in 2006. Following spring practice on Saturday, Shada talked about his progress this spring, how Charles Godfrey has done at the other cornerback position, and much more.

Q: How has your role changed this year as a starter?

SHADA: I don't think it really changes much. I'd like to think that I prepared every week like I was a starter regardless. It's a lot of the same stuff. Maybe my role changes a little going into a game and I'm trying to step it up a little more, but as far as preparation, it's a lot of the same stuff.

Q: Does it help to have two veteran safeties in there?

SHADA: Absolutely, yeah. Those guys know what they're doing and they don't put us in any binds. Even if you're not the greatest on the first day, if you're all on the same page you've got a chance. Those guys do a good job of getting us all on the same page, so we've always got a chance.

Q: How about Charles Godfrey running at the opposite corner? Has that been a good fit?

SHADA: Yeah. Charles is obviously a great athlete. He hasn't been playing corner that long, but he's doing a good job and he's coming along more and more everyday. I think we have total confidence in him.

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