July 13, 2006

Arizona making a living in Texas

Schools throughout the country all have states and areas they can rely on when it comes time to recruit. Some schools have the luxury of being located within recruiting strongholds such as California, Florida, and Texas. Other schools, like Arizona, generally have to go elsewhere to recruit.

One of the Wildcats' biggest recruiting areas is Texas, where a large amount of their major recruiting targets have come from.

Head coach Mike Stoops and the Arizona coaching staff are becoming legitimate recruiting threats to the top dogs that look to Texas for their top talent. While the Longhorns have dominated recruiting the better players in the state, there is such a large amount of talent that other schools from all over the country are vying for many of the same guys.

The mid-level recruit in Texas may be as good as the top recruit in another state, which makes recruiting Texas such a priority for the Wildcats.

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