July 26, 2006

A slap in the face

KANSAS CITY--The Missouri Tigers return more starters from last year's Independence Bowl winner than any other team in the Big 12 North. Of the 23 players (including the kicker) who started that game, 18 are slated to start against Murray State in early September.

Yet the Tigers are picked by the league's media to be worse than a year ago, slotted fifth in the North division, ahead of only Kansas State. And it isn't sitting well.

"Man, that is, to me, disrespect," said senior safety David Overstreet.

"When I found out about that, I was so upset that I couldn't wait to get on the field. I felt like they disrespected me and my teammates and told us that we are nothing. They basically told us that you guys cannot play with anybody else in the Big 12."

A strong statement from the Missouri player most known for making them. But Overstreet wasn't done. Not close.

"For us to be picked fifth after all the things that we've done, after the success we've had and all the players that we have coming back that have had so much success, to tell us that we're fifth, and the only reason that K-State is behind us is because they got a new coach, for them to say that to us, is like telling us that you all are the bottom of the barrel," Overstreet continued.

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