July 26, 2006

Bruins look solid along the OL

The grease that makes the offense move is the guys up front. These are folks who rarely hear their names on television unless they were flagged. Then they get to hear their number who is watching known exactly who the offenreverberating through the stadium coming from the referee's microphone letting everyone ding party was.

BruinBlitz.com will look at the players who are affectionately called the "Big Uglies". Quite a moniker, isn't it?

The facts are if the offensive line does their job then the whole offense has an opportunity to work. If offensive line is getting beat, no matter how talented the "skill" players are, the odds are your team is going to lose.

The UCLA offensive line will be going through a couple of changes. They will need to replace three players who were starting at the end of the year in "Big" Ed Blanton, Mike McCloskey and Robert Clearly.

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