July 28, 2006

Media Day Part II: Q&A Session

Los Angeles, Calif. -- After addressing the media with his opening statement, Dirk Koetter and Andrew Carnahan took questions from the reporters on hand. Here is an review of some of those questions posed and the responses given.

Koetter, when asked about playing former assistant Dan Hawkins, now the coach at Colorado, in a game this season:

"For me personally and emotionally when we play Colorado that will be somewhat of a different feeling but that game was scheduled well in advance and on that particular day we've just got to get after the Buffaloes."

Koetter, when asked about Rudy Burgess playing at cornerback this season:

"That's going to depend actually on the health of a couple other corners…Rudy Burgess did a nice job playing corner in spring ball. I hate to take the ball out of his hands on offense because he's so valuable in that area but depending on our health Rudy might have to take some snaps. He'll definitely take some snaps at corner in fall camp."

Carnahan responding, when asked about whether there is a difference, playing in front of Rudy Carpenter or Sam Keller:

"Not really. We're going to get out there and block our best whatever we have out there on the field. That's what we're out there to do so either quarterback can get it done."

Carnahan, when asked about ASU defensive line, which has added three Division I transfers:

"It's been a lot of difference. You know all these three guys came in, a couple of them played on our scout team last year. But all three are really good players they should make a big impact on our defense and be able to get good pressure on opposing quarterbacks."

Koetter, responding to question about having an offensive coordinator for the first time in his career:

"I also thought it was important -- it was time for me to have a guy with the title of offensive coordinator because there are things that come up in my day, there are times when I can't be in the meeting rooms. I can't be in two places at once and we need a guy that has that title and Roy (Wittke) fit the bill, it was a nice fit philosophically, and experience-wise, knowledge-wise, but you know don't read too much into that, I'm still going to be real involved in the offense, that's my favorite part of being a college football coach and boy, anyone would want to be the offensive coordinator with the guys we got. We've got some great players there and they're fun to coach."

Dirk Koetter, talking about transfers:

"If you folks in the media are looking for a player that is flying under the radar -- If Loren Howard, our transfer d-end transfer from Northwestern is healthy, that guy will have a big season in the Pac-10. If he's healthy, he's definitely an impact player."

Koetter, when asked about Carpenter's play last season:

"I was a little bit surprised with how Rudy played because if you go back two spring seasons ago, he didn't play all that well. When it came time for Rudy to be the starter, I thought he would be okay, but did I think he would lead the nation in passing efficiency? No. But he is a competitor, very hard on himself and he adds that dimension as a runner. He has that rare ability to make that first guy miss, where Sam is a more prototypical, 6-foot-4, 230 pound guy who stands in the pocket, Rudy is going to get outside the pocket and make things happen.

Koetter, when asked about the delicacy of the quarterback situation:

"I think it's very delicate because I care a lot about those two guys. I'm very close with both players. For one of those guys it's going to be tough. You're going to make one guy happy and the other guy sad. But I think both guys understand that for us to go where we want to go as a football team, it's one of those things that has to happen."

Koetter, when asked whether USC had 'come back' to the rest of the conference:

"I get asked that question a lot. The real answer is I don't know for sure. I think USC is still a very very talented football team. I don't think many teams in history have lost two Heisman Trophy winners off the same offense and not at least took a little bit of a step back. What a tremendous group of offensive players USC lost. But I think a team like USC certainly deserves the respect you folks voted them in being the top team in the Pac-10 and until somebody else proves otherwise, they're definitely the team to beat."

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