July 28, 2006

Dorrell meets the Pac 10 press

Coach Karl Dorrell was the seventh speaker signifying UCLA's third place finish. It was a far cry better than last season's predicted finish of eighth place in the league.

This season the "old media" experts thought so much of UCLA that they moved up three slots and are predicted to finish fifth in the Pac 10.

Dorrell told the media packed audience that it easy to be optimistic about his team.

"We had a good year (2005 season) and we learned how to win," Dorrell said. "Our seniors really stepped up and our challenge this season is to replace those guys.

Every coach had a player accompany him and Dorrell had senior wide receiver Junior Taylor. Dorrell gave the following reason why he chose Taylor.

"Junior was off to a great year and was our leading receiver when he went down with his knee injury against Oklahoma," Dorrell said. "He has worked incredibly hard to get back and brought him because he's the heart and soul of the team."

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