August 4, 2006

Freshmen quarterbacks battling for No. 3 spot

Without a doubt, the preseason competition for Auburn's No. 3 quarterback job is the year's strangest contest.

Freshmen Neil Caudle and Steven Ensminger are battling each other for the position. And there is at least a little at stake.

Whoever wins the job isn't likely to play this season, at least as long as Brandon Cox stays healthy. But the third-team quarterback will be included in the team's travel roster, while the fourth-stringer stays in Auburn and watches road games on TV.

Still, the competition has been downright cordial. The two rookie passers spend plenty of time together - in meetings, practices, during their water breaks. And they're quick to share whatever insights they've picked up.

"We're helping each other out," Caudle said. "We're both here for the same reason. We're on each other's side."

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