August 9, 2006

5 Questions with Roy Miller

If you're looking for new names to keep an eye on this season for the Texas Longhorns, look no further than sophomore defensive tackle Roy Miller. After a fantastic spring, the former Killeen Shoemaker star is ready for a breakout season and the Longhorns need him to be great if they want to be an elite defense. Here's a look at an exclusive interview with the emerging star.

Q: What do you think the difference will be in your role this year and the one you had as a true freshman?

A: My role this year will be to contribute a little bit more. I'll do the best that I can and do whatever they need me to do. I want to get in (and play) whenever I can and take advantage of every opportunity.

Q: Do you anticipate spending most of your time at nose guard this season or will you play some three-technique as well?

A: I anticipate playing mostly nose tackle, but I also see myself playing some three. I've been working at three a little bit during the spring, so wherever they need me, that's where I'm going to play.

Q: How much nose tackle did you play in high school and how hard has the adjustment been to learn the in's and out's of that position, which is so different than when you're playing the three-technique?

A: In high school we played a one- and three-technique, so you'd either be over the nose, but I played on the left side, which was mostly a three-technique. It takes time. The three-technique is a lot harder. There are different things that you have to do as a nose tackle. You just have to get your technique wired at each position. You've got to really practice and it takes time, but you get used to it. You just have to come off the ball and keep your feet going.

Q: We didn't get to see many of the spring workouts, but everyone in the program says that you were dominating at times and one of the best players on the defense. Did you feel like you were that good in the spring and how do you make sure you carry that momentum into the fall?

A: Coach Tolley (Mike Tolleson) and everyone has been working really hard. My mindset was to get so much better, so I had a real good spring. I still have a lot of things I need to work on, but for the things I wanted to work on, it went well. Carrying on into this season, I think it's just going to translate really easily. I've been working on my left-handed stance, as well as my right-handed stance. That will help me out a lot in the running game and also the passing game. I definitely think (my success from the spring) will transition over and I have a lot of appreciation for Coach Tolley, and for him working with me so hard and for Mad Dog (Madden) getting (my weight) down. Coach Tolley has been getting me right in my technique.

Q: Do you see yourself as being an impact player this year? You are saying all the right things, but at the end of the day do you view yourself as an emerging playmaker on this defense?

A: I'm just going to do whatever I can do. I'm going to try and do my best. Any time you go out there you want to make big plays. That's my mindset every time I play, so I'm going to try and make plays, but that's what everybody's job is. You want to do the best that you can do. That's what we've trained for. You train to do the best that you can do and make big plays.

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