August 12, 2006

Q&A with Jeff Owens

Sophomore defensive tackle Jeff Owens has a firm grasp on the starting job in only his second season with the team. UGASPORTS had a chance to catch up with Owens and talk about the upcoming season and the tradition of defensive line at Georgia.

UGASports: How do you feel winning a starting job at defensive tackle in only your second season at Georgia?

Owens: "I feel great since I had that chance to play as a true freshman and carry that momentum into this season. I have a chance to bring my game up and reach an even higher potential."

UGASports: Do you have more of a fire under with all these talented freshmen coming in to hold your job and improve?

Owens: "There is a lot of fire on back right now. I am just trying to go out and dominate and help my team win, so there is a big fire on my back right now."

UGASports: Do you feel bad for guys for the 5th year seniors like Dale Dixson and Marquis Elmore that are behind you on the depth chart?

Owens: "We are all going to play and get the same amount of repetitions out there the difference is who will be the guy to start it off."

UGASports: Do those seniors help you out with things at defensive tackle?

Owens: "Oh yeah. I sometimes help them out with stuff. We try to stick together as a unit."

UGASports: How did the scrimmage go?

Owens: "It went well. I am just glad we did not have any injuries and everybody is still healthy. We are trying to stay healthy and play to our potential."

UGASports: How did the offense look at out there from a defensive perspective?

Owens: "The offense looked alright, but they have some thing they need to work on. The defense if always going to dominate the offense out there".

UGASports: Does the defense feel they need to up the intensity of their play to carry the offense especially early in the season?

Owens: "We just got to get it done, come out here work hard, and just wait until September 2nd."

UGASports: Have any of the freshman defensive tackles impressed you?

Owens: "All of them have impressed me, but Geno Atkins is working hard and so is Ricardo Crawford to try and get better."

UGASports: Any of the defensive ends impressing you behind the two stars Charles Johnson and Quentin Moses?

Owens: "Demarcus Dobbs is doing excellent work along with Brandon Wood and Kiante Tripp. Even Michael Lemon is a great guy, so they are all doing good things."

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