August 15, 2006

Q&A with Demarcus Dobbs

One freshman not likely to see a lot of action this season is Demarcus Dobbs. With Charles Johnson and Quentin Moses starting, a slew of talented players ahead of him on the depth chart, and the fact he moved from linebacker/tight end to defensive line Dobbs will likely redshirt this season.

UGASports: Where are you on the depth chart right now?

Dobbs: "I do not know yet. We have been rotating in and out, but coach Fabris has not designated a depth chart quite yet."

UGASports: Do you feel any pressure with the history of defensive ends here at Georgia?

Dobbs: "I do not feel any pressure. Coming in I did not play defensive end, so I am not planning on being really good just yet. I am trying to learn technique and get better everyday."

UGASports: How hard is that transition from linebacker/tight end to defensive line?

Dobbs: "It is pretty tough to know what to do and get down in the stance. I have never been in a three point stance since I played linebacker in high school. It has been pretty tough to learn movements and everything. I am just trying to work hard at it."

UGASports: Have you changed your body size to adjust to the new position?

Dobbs: "No not really. I am at 265 to 263, so I have not changed my body type size."

UGASports: Why did you come to UGA what was your reasoning?

Dobbs: "The main reason I came to UGA was the family setting. Everyone was nice and welcoming. Coach Richt is a great Christian coach and has a great background. It just felt right after praying and talking to my family and friends it was the right decision for me."

UGASports: What are your goals for this season?

Dobbs: "I do not know if I will redshirt or not yet. My plans are just to get better and stronger and faster in the weight room. I want to get quicker and get my technique down and get better at what I do."

UGASports: How are Moses and Johnson helping you out?

Dobbs: "Q and Charles are great. The way they play and practice, you watch them and you learn so much. They are always helping me out; telling me where to go, help me out with the plays. Off the field they are great friends to talk to. They come by my room just to hang out. They are very humble guys on and off the field."

UGASports: Have any of the other freshmen impressed you on the defensive side of the ball?

Dobbs: "We have some great athletes in the defensive backfield. The guys that have really impressed me are Prince Miller and Asher Allen. The way the move and their quickness."

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