August 15, 2006

Tuesday's practice was downright defensive

The defense was awesome today. The way they tackled is something that hasn't been seen around UCLA in awhile. The unit is becoming very steady and in the end we predict this defense will be the most improved defense in the nation.

It is refreshing to see good solid tackling. All in all it was a good day of practice. Coach Karl Dorrell had a lot of praise for his defensive unit.

Dorrell: "Good day of work today and a difficult day for the offense where our defense is really starting to make some tremendous strides for us and it's a good sign to see.

"I'm real happy with the progress that has been made on that side of the ball. They are really coming together as a unit and they are working hard. I know they are little a bit tired but they fought harder than the offense today and that's what I like.

"I think great teams have a great defense and the offense is right now in the catch up mode to what they are doing. I am very pleased that side of the ball (defense) is really starting to come together.

"Offensively we still have some work to do. We have a lot more practices to go and get ourselves ready.

"It was a good morning practice, physical and did some scrimmaging a little bit there late. They've been lifting the last couple days too so they're sore and tired and they looked that way today.

"But we're okay. Health wise we're in good shape.

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