August 25, 2006

Finley looks forward to breakout season

Joe Jon Finley enters the 2006 season as a changed man. Finley has struggled to put on weight since arriving at Oklahoma. He's wanted to put on weight to become the type of blocker Oklahoma needs in short-yardage situations. Finley enters the season as physically imposing as ever. Now he wants to make up for lost time by becoming a major part of the offense as a pass catcher. writer-at-large Jordan Wallace caught up with Finley this week for a brief talk about his expectations and playing with one of the best freshman tight end in the country, Jermain Gresham. Do you think that OU will throw more to the tight end this year?
Joe Jon Finley:
I've got a chance. It just depends on how we do. We've got a pretty talented group. We're coming in and we're doing a lot of blocking. We've got a young offensive line so we're trying to help them out with protection, trying to get that firm pocket for PT(Paul Thompson). What have you improved on in the past year?
In the past year I've put on about 20 lbs. So more than anything just being able to run block and pass block. It's hard blocking a 280 lb guy like CJ when you're 240. Atleast now at 260 lbs I have a chance. How have you put on all this weight?
It's just been a slow process. I try to eat about 6 meals a day. Right before I go to bed I eat two packs of ramen noodles and two protein drinks."

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