August 28, 2006

Who is Noel Devine?

The story of Noel Devine is long and complicated. It involves loss, manipulation, fatherhood, some amazing football and some bad decisions. The story has been re-hashed in print, on television and on the internet far too many times. And if Devine succeeds the way he'd like to, all the way to the NFL, it will be told countless times in the future. This article isn't about Noel Devine's past or the enigmatic legend in the making as a result of it. This article is about Noel Devine the person.

So who is Noel Devine? We've all seen the highlight videos and been left stunned each time. We've all heard the stories about the tragic loss of his parents at a young age, Deion Sanders, becoming a father and academic struggles. But who is the person behind the things we already know? Devine sums it up best.

"I'm just an 18-year-old kid trying to have fun," said the 5-foot-8, 165-pounder. "I'm just like every other kid on this team."

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