August 30, 2006

NU Notes: Rigoni one of a kind

You can literally count on one hand the amount of Brandon Rigoni's there are in college football.

Very rarely do you find a 5-foot-6 player like Rigoni that can make the kind of impact he does on the football field. Rigoni is respected by his teammates so much that not only was he given a Blackshirt this week, but he was also voted a captain as well.

NU head coach Bill Callahan said he hasn't coached or seen very many players that can do what Rigoni has done the last few seasons considering his size limitations.

"I think it's rare, I really do," Callahan said. "With his size and stature, those guys aren't normally playing college football. Let's face it, when you're 5-6 it's hard to be a front line player.

"Additionally to have your teammates vote you a captain and a Blackshirt speaks volumes for his creditability, his leadership and his work ethic is just astronomical. He virtually wears himself out during the course of a practice where we almost have to give him an I-V to get through sometimes. He goes so hard on every snap that you wish you had a 100 Brandon Rigoni's."

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